What Happens If Your Personal Injury Case Goes To Trial?

Personal Injury Case

A personal injury claim can be refused by the insurance company. even if, your lawyer and you have tried hard to settle with them,  the company may not offer you the right amount you deserve. When both parties are unable to agree to the same terms, the plaintiff has no other option left. He has to file a lawsuit with the help of a Cedar Rapids personal injury lawyer. Many people tend to avoid this scenario and even insurance companies know that people don’t want to get into the legal hassle. 

Handling the case in court

Your personal injury lawyer will handle the case in court. He will present the facts of the case in front of the judge and jury. If he requests for a bench trial, the case will be heard by the judge only and he will decide the verdict based on the facts. To get compensation on time, it is strongly recommended to comply with the state’s laws and regulations at the time of filing or filling up forms. An attorney ensures that you do it without fail. 

If the insurance company has refused your claim, the attorney will file a petition on your behalf enlisting benefits you are entitled to receive. If you are required to be present at any time during hearings, your lawyer will inform you and also prepares you for the same. The lawyer can also request a lump sum amount if you are entitled to receive it.

Maintaining the pace of the case

It has also been observed that many cases remain pending in court for several months and even years. In an industry that often mistreats legal hold and data collections, clients miss opportunities to align preservation with case strategy, and reduce the risks of data loss or added exposure. However, a good personal injury lawyer ensures that your case remains active in court. He does not believe in taking the next dates. Instead, he will put in his heart and soul to collect the required evidence so that you get justice and compensation quickly. That’s why, it is suggested to hire someone, who is known for wrapping up his cases in a few hearings only.

He plays a vital role in cross-examination 

You may get nervous during cross-examination. Your personal injury lawyer is there to assist you at every step. He will guide you on the questions that the attorney of another party or the insurance company may ask you. If you have him on your side, other attorneys will act carefully and won’t ask irrelevant questions.

Your personal injury attorney ensures that your compensation is no less than your expectations.