Play Checkers Online: Let’s Have Fun

Play Checkers Online

Checkers is traditionally played the board game. The love for the game has made people take it online where you can play it anytime and anywhere with the people you are interested to play with. If you don’t have anyone to play with, you can play with a bot. 

Checkers As An Intellectual game to play:

Many players have this game on their favorite list for a reason. They say that only intelligent people can play this game. Playing checkers with real people means something. It is filled with rage and emotions that can only be felt while playing with real people. It brings spatial awareness to those who need mental stability. You will have the problem-solving ability as well as retain better when you play this game. 

Checkers Online: A way to play anywhere

If you want to play checkers online, you just need access to the internet and you are all set to play the game. Let us get a short introduction to playing this game online. You first need to find out the instructions on site that talk about-

  1. How to play checkers online.
  2. How to learn the game quickly to win against real people.
  3. How to make the game a bit interesting by introducing personal characters into the game.

Sites like gamezz create such conditions that you will be able to play checkers online with anyone, whether it be your friend or unknown people. It will not only make you feel comfortable while playing the game but also help you win the game in good spirits. You have all options like PC, mobile, and tablet open for this game. Full-screen browser mode on phone will make you feel like you are playing the game on your PC itself. 

Rules To Play Checkers:

Firstly, those who are new to playing this game need to know that it is a two-player board game. There are two parts to the gameboard. One is Diagonal Black and the other is White Squares. An automatic system controls the color of checkers for each player by distributing the color of squares for moves. It can be black or white based on the system’s choice. 

The goal of game checkers is to take out all the pieces of your opponent from the board. Your pieces are kept on brown tiles and they can only move forward or diagonally. You need to capture your opponent’s piece and remove it. Jumping over other pieces is needed. It is allowed to make another jump after jumping over a piece if it is a possible situation. The piece that reaches another side of the board will become a King. The kings are allowed to jump diagonally and move in any direction. They can also apply a combination of moves like forward and backward in the same turn as yours. Remove all your opponent’s pieces and then you are the winner. Opponents cannot make the next move if you remove any of their pieces. 

Play such moves so that they won’t be able to move their pieces. Cover the whole game to win it. 

Steps To Follow:

Three rows closest to the player have been filled with checkers on the back squares automatically. 

Players move their pieces when their turn comes. They play one after the other and this continues. 

In the initial stage, all the checkers have the same rule. They can only be moved forward diagonally by one square. 

A simple checker that reaches the last row I.e. first row of the opponent’s side becomes a king. That king gains the ability to move in any direction as many empty squares as possible. 

Transferring your checker through the opponent’s checker will only help you take it out of the board. There has to be a free square behind the checkers of the opponent. 

You can cover several other checkers I the valid moves are there to be followed. You must continue with your moves until no moves are left to be played by you. 

Finally, a participant who has no single checker left with him or the one who has all his moves blocked is defeated by the opponent. 

The game is considered as a draw when both the participants are unable to move. 

Tips and Tricks To Play Online Checkers:


  1. Hugging sides won’t help you win nor keep you safe:

Many players stay at the sides to be safe. But the real game has to start from the center. If you want to attack the opponent, you need to jump onto the battleground. Pieces on the sides cannot be jumped and therefore it is wise sometimes to hug the sides. But keeping a surprise element from the center where you can take your game to the next level. When you claim more mobility, you increase your chances of winning.

  1. Do not rush for the last row:

Keep your home row reserved as it will expose the area for opponents. You should advance your pieces to the center. You have to stop the opponent from making the king anyhow. Kinged pieces will most likely cause a win of the team. You cannot let that happen to the opponent’s team. 

  1. Endgame is the ultimate target:

In the beginning, you must focus on moving most of your pieces to the other side of the board. This will help you build kings which eventually helps you win.  Let all your pieces run for the race of being king. It is best to start this early. 

  1. Block opponent’s pieces:

Setting a blockade can be of great help since your opponent will miss a chance to move. This makes the game tricky for the opponent and you get more moves with which you can win. Victory is only got when you block the enemy’s team.

  1. Trade the piece:

If there occurs a condition in which you are ahead in the game, you can trade one or two pieces to trick the opponent and win bigger goals. This will help you advance on the other side of the board without the enemy knowing.