Tips for Privacy Challenges and Security Concerns on Social Media

Privacy Challenges
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A new challenge is being made on social media nowadays. People are posting photos on social media platforms with their partners. But, do they know that their privacy can be targeted by hackers, which is a big challenge.

You are taking smiling photos with your partner and posting those on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you’re putting your personal photos and posting on the hashtag couple challenge, so be cautious. It may not be hashtags, but a trap woven by hackers to steal your personal photos.

Couple Challenge Won’t Become the Real Challenge of Your Life

It’s okay to take selfies, but if you’re posting your pictures because of the trend on social media, this couple challenge may not become the real challenge of your life.

So far, more than 30 lakh people have shared photos with their partners in the couple challenge. A number of complaints were made to the police in this regard. The police have now alerted all internet users about posting photos on the couple’s challenge.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Pune Police of India has advised people to avoid this challenge by posting on their official Twitter handle. Recently Indian Police has tweeted, “Think twice before posting a photo with your partner, if not taken care of, the acute challenge can be proved wrong.”

By running campaigns with such a challenge, hackers target private images of people who are used for revenge and deep fakes worldwide. Many people, especially women, fall victim to deep fakes of artificial intelligence to fit someone’s picture into another’s body. From ordinary people, many big celebrities have been victims of deep fakes. Noted that, you can take Hathway login from The Techy Info.

Every day, there are new challenges in social media. Now the couple challenge has come. In the past, many people have been getting a compound in which their photos are very much mixed/used on pornographic sites. In addition, such a challenge can result in collecting data that can be used to blackmail, so you should carefully post photos on social media.