How to Find a Comfortable and Secured PG Accommodation?

Secured PG Accommodation

Paying Guest, or PG, as it is commonly known, is becoming increasingly popular among young professionals (18-26 years old), particularly in major cities. Although the notion of PG is not new, there is now a deeper understanding of it. PG is a popular choice among young individuals who move away from home for higher education or a job opportunity. Finding the appropriate PG room in Dehradun in a new place may be difficult at times.

Every year, an increasing number of individuals travel to metros and Tier-II cities in quest of better education and job possibilities. As a result, several buildings providing Paying Guest (PG) lodging have sprouted up. The demand for such housing is increasing, particularly among the youthful migrant population. As a result, consistent rental appreciation for such accommodations is unavoidable.

Even while such accommodations are plentiful in both major and Tier-II cities, picking the right one is a difficult undertaking that should be approached with prudence. This will save you from having to deal with a lot of problems later on as a result of a bad decision. When it comes to choosing a proper vehicle, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Websites can also offer you a decent sense of what PG rates are currently available (in the areas of your choice). Negotiate with the brokers or agents using this information. The cost of PG lodging varies from Rs 4,000 to Rs 15,000 per month, depending on the location and facilities provided.
  • Only go on a site tour if your representative promises to show you various possibilities. Do not waste your time by visiting only one website. It might not be worthwhile to put out the effort.
  • Examine whether public transit is readily available in the area.
  • Also, see whether a tiffin system is available or if the PG owner provides meals.

Obtain a lease agreement

A lease agreement with a term of more than one year is required to be registered, whereas a license agreement is not. If the nature of the agreement between the landlord and the student is in the nature of a lease and lasts more than one year, registration is required, and the student must insist on it.”

Obtain a police verification

In most states, landlords are required to get police verification of their tenants.

You can stay in a PG without having to deal with local guardians

If a student does not have a local guardian, they are frequently denied housing in Dehradun. Adult students, on the other hand, are not legally required to acquire local knowledge.

Protect your PG against police raids by following these steps

Due to the owners’ failure to pay taxes, police raids are often undertaken, and paying visitors are frequently shut down. In such a case, how can you protect your own safety?  Before engaging into an agreement with a landlord for housing, students should confirm with the owner that he has gotten all of the necessary licenses/permissions from the local authorities to operate a paying guest lodging. This will avoid students from ending up in a position where the paying guest accommodation is shut down owing to the owner’s negligence.

Your landlord has no legal right to keep your security deposit

Most paying guests require students to give one month’s notice before leaving. Some property owners will not refund the upfront security payment. A claim for recovery can be initiated against the owner for such illegal detention of money if the owner keeps the security deposit in violation of the agreement entered into between the owner and the student.


The financial range within which you are seeking is the most important criterion to use while choosing a good PG accommodation. Furthermore, you should have a choice for the area in which you plan to rent a PG room. There should be a trade-off between your taste for a certain neighborhood and your money. This will allow you to focus your search and make an informed selection based on both of these considerations.


When picking a PG, key utilities like as water and power supply, telephone lines, Internet access, and cell masts are all important considerations.

Assurance of safety

It’s also crucial to examine the level of security provided by the neighborhood in terms of crime prevention. There should also be a nearby police station that is conveniently accessible. Furthermore, the PG should provide suitable security elements. Furthermore, it is critical that you carefully select your PG roommates.


When looking for PG in Dehradun for female, these are the things you must keep in mind. Even if it isn’t the most important factor, the social and physical infrastructure of the area should be taken into account while picking a PG. This will include things like hospitals, commercial malls, entertainment zones, and parks, among other things. In addition, depending on your needs, you should examine its accessibility to other vital amenities such as a gym, restaurants, banks, ATMs, medical stores, and so on.