Eating Excessive Spicy Foods can be Injurious to Health

Spicy foods
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Spices are used to enhance the flavor of any dish. But eating more spice can also be injurious to health. Excessive spice intake can also lead to many stomach problems.

In the winter season, everyone likes to eat hot fry and chatty things. But do you know that eating more oil can also be injurious to health? Spices are added to our food to improve the flavor. Spices tend to enhance the taste of any dish. Because every state and region has its own taste and spices. But excessive spice intake can lead to many stomach problems. However, some spices are considered to be rich in many vitamins and nutrients. Which can be very beneficial for health. But consuming more spices can be injurious to health. So let’s tell you about the side effects caused by spices today.

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More intake of spices is harmful to health:

1. Stomach irritation

Eating more spicy and spicy food can irritate the stomach. Someone may have a problem with the use of more spices and oil. Hence, do not consume more spicy foods.

2. Gastric

Spicy and spicy food can cause sensitive mucosal lining or ulcers in the small intestine. This can lead to abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and weight loss.

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3. Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite or loss of appetite can also cause more oil seasoning. Eating spicy food can be a problem of loss of appetite. Because the oil is a heavy spice food which is not cooked quickly.

4. Teeth

Eating more spicy food can also cause a stink of the mouth. This is more likely to worsen the tooth failure. So reduce the use of spicy foods to keep yourself and your teeth healthy.

5. Heart

Too much oil seasoning and tart food can be harmful to the heart. Avoid eating more spicy food to keep the heart healthy. Excessive spice intake can be detrimental to health.

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