Best Games on the Internet That Take Less Time to Finish

best games on internet

The times of integrating the old traditions and hobbies with the new sense of the young need to be established to bring about a change. Of course, when it comes to games, it is easier as games are simple to be accustomed to.

We often play games during lunch hours, during family visits, or at the end of a long day. Often, for a few minutes, you just need to unwind and reflect on something other than life’s problems. And scheduling a time for these types of activities, brings out a lot of change in the lives which we currently sustain. 

Each game, within the bound time, should bring out an experience of intense fun and joy. Online applications try to bridge the gap between ancient tactical games to the modern attention span of the youth.

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In India, in the ancient times, the heritage of board games was vastly popular. Some games here were even invented with a mythological touch. 

The idea giving the public a means of interaction and a productive activity, promoted the creation of online apps for board games. The most relatable in India was the ludo wala game which used to be popular for the fun and luck aspect.  

Here are the 5 best games that take less time to finish but impart a productive experience –


This game has a great legacy in India, especially because of its mythological significance. But it makes us think that it actually takes a long time to finish. But the digitising schemes have altered the game time for this particular board game. The Ludo Supreme game can be played in just 10 minutes.  

To understand how this game works in the digital format, just check the prize distribution and scoring details, and proceed to register. Explore the online ludo portal and start playing!

best games internet

This game provides an amazing experience and chatroom to get the same experience of playing together when physically present. The management style and strategy plays a key role in winning this game.  

Earlier, there used to be no wages, people played for mere entertainment. But now you can even earn a good sum of money once you get started. 

KhelPlay Rummy 

Rummy is a highly trending card game amongst card game playing fanatics in India. This game established the foundation for families to celebrate Indian festivals together and also Rummy and other types of card games being played amongst the adults and senior-aged members.  

The basic aim in any form of rummy is to create melds consisting of sets, three or four of the same rank, or three or more cards of the same suit. Building a foundation on a virtual platform for this game brought a breakthrough amongst the public of accepting its essence of the play.  

The intuitiveness of the human mind is widened by playing this type of card game. Apart from this, nowadays F95zone is also the most popular game among the gaming communities. 

Snakes And Ladders  

This game happens to have a prominently ancient significance. This game imparts a simple and interesting gameplay experience for the ones feeling bored. The applications for this game in an online server have brought about a great sense of connectivity amongst loved ones and friend circles.

If you hit a snake, you slide down! This game also is a stress buster in a professional environment having targets to achieve and sustain a workflow. The game is quite philosophical when it comes to taking the right steps, which clearly depend upon the right roll of dice and destiny

Among Us  

This game is trending in the present times, which enhances the deductive capabilities of its participants. This truly has become great meme content for many content creators though the game tries to cover a great amount of skill sets and intuitive experience.  

The aim of the crewmates is to locate, remove, and complete tasks around the map. The goal of the Impostors is to covertly sabotage and destroy the crewmates before they complete all their tasks.   

This game seems to be taking a variably less amount of time performing simple tasks of defining the roles at the event. 


Played by millions of people all over the world, chess is believed to have been derived from the Indian game Chaturanga sometime before the 7th century.  

This game also has a rich heritage and has been revolutionised on a global platform. Now with online chess, the public can explore to learn it by taking lessons as well as challenge other participants with a worldwide connection.  

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This game targets the strategising aspect of the human mind. It helps develop the skill of strategising things subject to the real world. During the age of enlightenment, chess was seen as a means of self-improvement in terms of real life.  

The management style of each stroke defines the process of winning the game. Of course, knowing the right move and strategy can be learnt by practising and learning different styles based on research on champion players. 


The audience has a great appreciation for the era of playing ludo online with friends and family. It started with the idea of digitising the traditional board games onto the application for a more convenient and progressive way of spending time. The best part is that it finishes with an opt attentive time for the participating players.

It is all about enhancing your mind skills when it comes to spending free time and entertaining yourself at the same time while surfing through the Internet. Above all, the games mentioned here have a time-constraint, the limit of which does not lose the interest of the participants.

Hence indulging oneself in the right set of online activities brings about a great change in the ambience of one’s thoughts and eradicates lethargy and synchronises the participants’ focus and productivity. If you want, you can download Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk.