Spaceship Neptune: the Luxury Capsule for Tourists in Space

Photo: Collected

Spaceship Neptune is the name of the luxury capsule that will take tourists to space once space is a good place for vacations and fun trips that anyone with enough money can take.

Scientists and businesspeople like Elon Musk have been very interested in space tourism. Their projects have been aimed at finding the safest ways to send people into space for a vacation where they can do things that didn’t seem possible not too long ago. Even though space tourism has been around since the end of the Cold War in Russia, we have made more progress in this field in recent years, so we can finally think of this offer as something that could happen in the near future.

In fact, it seems so possible now that even Russia has said it wants to start space tourism in 2023, though there will be some restrictions on who can go, like cost and health, since a trip is not recommended. to the space for people who are neither too young nor too old. People who are pregnant or sick will not be able to get in either.

In any case, people want to keep making progress in space tourism, so even small companies are now getting involved. And this is the case with Space Perspective, an American luxury spaceflight startup that showed this week the design of its Spaceship Neptune capsule, which is made for space travel with fancy meals.

The Spaceship Neptune capsule will be able to take tourists to a height of more than 30 kilometers without releasing carbon dioxide. This is important because of the state of the Earth’s environment, as space tourism has been called one of the most important issues when it comes to sustainability.

The Space Perspective company said in a statement that its spacecraft is a spherical capsule that can hold up to eight people and is propelled into the stratosphere of our planet. It will also have a safety cone that should help it land smoothly in the ocean. sure.

The capsule also has a thermal control system and reflective-coated windows in the middle section, like those in an astronaut’s helmet. This will keep the Space Lounge comfortable and cool by limiting sunlight. Also, the Spaceship Neptune has a cozy interior with comfortable seating, mood lighting, and plants and herbs like lavender, basil, and rosemary that can be used to make food and drinks on board.

NASA‘s John F. Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where the company is based, is where the spaceship Neptune is being built right now.