Balayage Styles for Sunshine Hair

Sunshine Hair

If you are looking for a low-maintenance, effortless-to-style yet beautiful hairstyle for the summer, balayage styles are the best. The stylist achieves this look by using a unique coloring technique that involves blonde and golden highlights on the strands.

Balayage style has grown its popularity over time because of the celebrities who rock it. The style also leaves the wearer looking gorgeous, hence its fast growth in popularity. It requires an experienced stylist to get the color mixture right and use the correct application technique for a beautiful look.

1. Research Balayage Styles Before Visiting The Stylist

Unlike the other hairstyles and haircuts that you can DIY, the balayage style is technical. A professional stylist will ensure no visible transitional lines from the dark roots to the lighter edges. They also know how to choose the strands to color and where to dye.

Besides, you can make a specific balayage style your signature. Ensure you buy the right hair products depending on your hair texture and the type of dye used to maintain healthy strands. Alternatively, you can visit the salon every two weeks to wash and retouch if your hair grows fast. According to LoveHairStyles, the lighter ends give you a sunkissed look.


2. All You Need To Know About Balayage

Balayage is not one hairstyle but a technique of creating different looks for your hair. These styles add lighter shades throughout the hair and leave the roots darker. The stylists use various methods and brushes to apply the color. The hair results in chic and easy-to-maintain hair with ombre highlights.

3. Coloring Techniques The Stylists Use

Balayage styles are more challenging, and people are advised against DIY. This is because, without the expertise, you are less likely to make the transition as invisible as it should. Wrong color application to the balayage styles will give different results.

4. Should You Go For Retouch

Unlike other color dyes, the balayage style is low maintenance. You need fewer visits to the salon because the dye does not fade out faster. Besides, you can try gloss treatments after 4-6 weeks at the comfort of your home. Ensure you wash the hair regularly with purple shampoo and use the recommended products to keep it healthy and maintain the shine.

5. Difference Between Balayage And Other Dyes

Balayage is different from ombre and dip dye in appearance. The stylist uses a brush and paddle to paint the natural and sunkissed highs and lows to achieve a balayage look. There are no visible transitions from the different shades.

Ombre hair also has a seamless transition between the colors, but the color change is gradual. It moves from darker to lighter shades and gives beach vibes. The dip-dye is very different from these two types. It gives a more edgy look because the hair goes through two-toned colorings.

6. Can You DIY Your Hair Balayage?

Balayage coloring requires an expert because you cannot see the strands to dye well when doing it yourself. Getting a salon appointment ensures you get the best results. However, once you get your balayage hair at the salon, caring and maintaining it is easy. Even without salon visits, you can wash with quality shampoo and conditioner.

Avoid swimming with your bare hair. To retain the color for a longer time, wear a swim cap before jumping into the pool. This protects your hair from chlorine and sunlight damage. Pool water also dries the scalp, leading to dandruff and color fading.

DIY Your Hair Balayage

7. What Are Some Balayage Ideas To Try

a. Face Frame Highlights

Most hairstyles draw attention to the face. Adding face-frame highlights is a perfect way to draw all the attention to your facial features.

b. Cool Brown Balayage

People who don’t want to have a lot of change on their brunette manes can try the cool brown balayage. The stylist adds minimal brown highlights on the outer strands and leaves the roots dark. Use the most suitable hair products for your hair texture, like gloss, to add shine.

c. Pink Pastel

If you don’t want a change to your entire hair, go for the pink pastel. However, the color is high maintenance, and you should use a specific shampoo to maintain the shine.