Travelling Tips: Don’t Forget to do these Things in Summer

travelling tips
Photo: Pixabay

With the arrival of summer, concerns about vacations inevitably arise, and when one hears the word “vacation,” all that comes to mind is travel. Summers remind us of that time of year when hot tea is less popular and lemon soda is the preferred beverage.

That is what everyone desires and considers an essential need, which is to stay hydrated even while traveling. Apart from the joy of vacation, the most crucial thing that comes to mind is packing.

Whether you’re planning for boat hire on a local holiday or an extensive trip abroad, the first order of business is to pack carefully. A must-have packing list is all we need when packing for a summer vacation.

We’ve got you covered with some packing advice from the pros. According to Aditya Arya, co-founder of Yes Madam, packing properly equals less concern and more enjoyment on vacation. He compiled a list of summer vacation must-haves for putting the ease in easy living throughout your vacation, from arid air to saltwater shores and everywhere in between:

1. Vacation reads: Before deciding on your next journey, read a travel lover’s book list.

2. New socks: You don’t want to be wearing sweaty socks every day, especially in the heat. Bring an extra pair of socks with you.

3. Hats and sunglasses: Keep one in your carry-on bag, whether it’s wide-brimmed or floppy, to avoid getting crushed. If at all feasible, wear it on your journey, and don’t forget your shades. Those will come in handy while lounging by the pool.

4. Comfortable clothing: Cotton is, naturally, the most popular summer fabric, and because it is lightweight, it is great for summer. Summer-friendly clothing is a must.

5. Skincare needs: Taking care of your skin in the summer can be quite important, and failing to do so might result in negative consequences. Let’s take a look at some important skincare items to bring for your summer vacation:

Choose a decent skincare routine

Maintain a consistent skin care program. Cream-based products are heavier and greasy than gel-based (for dry skin) and water-based (for oily skin) products. Your skin will stay clean and fresh if you clean, tone, and moisturize it twice a day.

Maintain skin hydration

Staying hydrated is critical in the heat. Use a moisturizing face mask after washing your face at night to add moisture. Keep your skin fresh by splashing it with water or carrying a face spray with you at all times, and remember to drink water and fruit juice even when you’re on the road.

BB cream

What good is foundation if it melts away from your face? In the summer, carry a BB cream for your complexion and say goodbye to foundations.

Keep everything fresh and moist

Cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Cleanser for removing all dirt from the skin, toner for disinfecting the face, and moisturizer for moist and fresh skin.

Face wipes

Face wipes should always be available. When your skin feels tired, simply wipe your face with one to instantly hydrate and revitalize it.


It would be ridiculous to go on vacation without using sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays, which can cause skin cancer, is more important than preventing a tan. Use a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen.

A vacation is your long-awaited opportunity to unwind and recharge your batteries. Don’t allow your holiday be ruined by skin problems. To make your low-cost skincare routine even more effective, drink plenty of water.

Mannat, the proprietor of Mannat Makeovers, has published a holiday packing list of skincare products that can come in helpful while traveling during the summer:

  1. Oil-blotting sheets: This summer, use oil-blotting sheets to absorb sweat and oil without messing up your makeup.
  2. Anti-dandruff/fungal shampoo: Nizral 2% Solution, 50 ml belongs to the Alniche Life Sciences ‘antifungal’ family of drugs, which is primarily used to treat fungal diseases of the skin. Fungi and yeast are killed by it. Both topical and oral dosing formulations are available.
  3. Lightweight moisturizer: Having a good lightweight moisturizer on hand at all times is essential for keeping your skin happy and healthy.
  4. Face cleanser in a small TSA-friendly bottle: Keep your face blemish-free by packing your face cleanser in a small TSA-friendly bottle for a satisfying, deep facial cleansing.
  5. Heavy-duty sunscreen: The most critical item to bring is some serious sunscreen. While you’re out, don’t expose your skin to damaging UV radiation. If you’re going in and out during the summer, wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 45 or higher.
  6. Makeup wipes: Bring some makeup removal wipes with you on vacation to keep your skin clear of blemishes.
  7. Cooling spray: Even in the hottest weather, Cooling Spray will keep your skin hydrated. For a refreshing feeling, simply spray the mist on your face.

Wherever you go, so don’t forget to do these things. And we wish you to have a safe journey in this summer!