Trump’s Tax Revelation could Spoil His Image

Donald Trump
Donald Trump. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The sensational revelations could spoil the image of United States President Donald Trump among high-rank voters that paid a mere $750 in the year he first contested the presidential election, while he did not pay taxes for many years.

The revelations could give an edge to his Democrat opponent on the eve of the presidential debate before.

According to an Associated Press report, Trump worked hard for decades to become a successful businessman and coded his secret service as “mogul.”

On Sunday, the New York Times revealed that in 2016, when he contested the presidential election and won, he paid a federal income tax of just $750 that year.

He did not pay any income tax for 10 years or more in the last 15 years and said that he had lost money more than he earned.

This has been revealed at a time when they are accused of not properly dealing with the epidemic. This could easily attack Biden in Tuesday’s debate, and when there is only one month left for the campaign, there may be many difficulties for Trump.