Are You Planning to Buy A Water Purifier?

Water Purifier

Remember how our elders used alum to purify water or kept it in the copper vessel to clean it? But all those were old school techniques, as now to eradicate the dominant impurities present in the water, we need something more useful. Thinking of this, don’t we all call out just one name- Aquaguard service centre for all kinds of water purifiers at one place.

Need For Water Purifier?

Let’s face it that we all are running after development but are somewhere also ruining our environment, most importantly our lifeline-water. The percentage of impurities have so much increased in the water that no simple method can clean it. Hence, the growing need for clean water and a healthy life has accelerated the requirement of water purifiers.

Not just these machines purify water but also make this a more straightforward task by zeroing human need. Aquaguard RO Service is the name for the most trusted Ro water purifier service with experienced service engineers.

Think Before Investing In A Purifier!

Like you all do extensive market research before buying any household product, here also we recommend you to think before investing. The commercial RO water purifier is not just any durable good but is more like a well-wisher for your healthy living as it helps remove toxins from your body.

We know multiple choices in the market, flaunting various features at remarkable prices, confuse you all but don’t worry. To make this selection process more comfortable, we have some tips and pointers that will make this task a cakewalk.

Check The Quality Of Water

Before buying a water purifier, it is essential to know the kind of water being supplied. Thinking why? Well, can you treat a disease without diagnosing the cause? No. Hence we recommend you first to know the type of water.

As we all know, there are two types of water, hard water, and soft water. Hard water has a higher level of impurities which are tough to eradicate, while soft water has simper impurities like mud or sand or gentler chemicals.

Like if you get a supply of water, then you can use simpler water purifiers, but if it is coming from any lake or river, then you might need smart water purifiers with efficient technology.

Time To Differentiate Among RO, UV, UF, Or Gravity Based

Like every medicine has a different formula. Similarly, purifiers have distinguished technologies, which make them effective for various purposes. So let’s understand the other type of water purifying technologies prevailing around you all.

RO or Reverse Osmosis: Heard by all, this is a technology used to eradicate a high level of impurities. Yes, this technology very easily eliminates high-level TDS (Total dissolved solids) by using a semi-permeable membrane. In this process, water molecules pass through the semi-permeable membrane and run from the region of higher TDS level (Total Dissolved Solids) to the region of lower TDS level.

UV or Ultraviolet Purifiers: As the name suggests, here the water cleaning process includes Ultraviolet Rays.

UF or Ultrafiltration: The third kind of purifiers use the method of Ultrafiltration, where again a semi-permeable membrane is used to purify water. However, it has bigger pores which bound it to clean impurities of low level.

Gravity Based Purifiers

These are the first introduced water purifiers, which used sediment or sometimes sediment + activated carbon filters, to cleanse the water. However, again they are helpful only in removing minor un-dissolved impurities like mud and sand along with some chemicals like chlorine.


This might be a small factor but has great importance, so do gauge the measurement you might require before getting the water purifier installed. Say for the workplace you can buy commercial water purifier with higher capacity while for domestic need you can count upon any optimum capacity purifier.

After Sales Service

Now that you are investing your money in buying good quality and branded water purifier, do make sure they provide on-time after-sales service, whenever required.

Warranty and Certification

Health is wealth, so do not invest in any brand which does not offer certification and warranty on its product. In case you fall in the trap of companies offering purifiers at low prices but without certification or warranty then our friend, you are at a loss as such products have no life.

Annual Maintenance

Like every mechanical product, this machine also requires maintenance but mind you, do inquire about it beforehand or you might discover hidden terms and conditions later on.

How It Operates

As we all know that water purifiers work either on electricity or don’t. Thus it is consumers’ choice to choose between the two, considering their needs.

So, this was the end of all the instructions or critical points one must take care of before purchasing a water purifier. I hope the article was useful.

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