WhatsApp Integrates Joinable Calls in Group Chats

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

More capabilities for WhatsApp’s joinable calls feature have been introduced. This was one of the most crucial features offered by the messaging software because it allows users to join a call that is already in progress. Users can now summon a WhatsApp group and join from the group chat window, thanks to the new feature. Near the group chat icon, users will now notice a dedicated button.

“Today, we’re upgrading the joinable call experience by integrating it with group chats.” As a result, group calls are now contextual to your group chats, and you can easily join them from the chat tab. “With group calling becoming more popular, incorporating joinable calls allows WhatsApp users a new spontaneous method to interact with their family and friends groups,” according to a statement released by WhatsApp.

If someone has missed a call, the new feature will avoid the need to disconnect and call again. Users can join the ongoing discussion whenever they like. Users can call a WhatsApp group and join the call immediately from the group chat, according to WhatsApp. Instead of the names of the participants, the message will state the name of the group. The call can only be joined by those who are members of the group. The call will appear in the chat list, allowing users to see which groups are on hold right away when they open the app. WhatsApp has a new sound that is lighter and more unique. It should feel as natural as sending and receiving a text message.

WhatsApp had already made it possible to join a group call after it had begun. This meant that you didn’t have to join the call just when it started; you could join anytime you wanted. WhatsApp also included a call info page, allowing you to see who is currently on the call and who has been invited but has yet to join. If you hit ‘ignore,’ you can join later from the WhatsApp calls tab.