6 Tips for Asthma Patients to Stay Safe during Diwali

Image by Ankita Gkd from Pixabay

Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner. While the event celebrates the triumph of good over evil, many people celebrate by exploding crackers, causing an increase in air and noise pollution in the environment. Many celebrities, politicians, and activists have advocated for a “Green Diwali” to enjoy the festivities to the fullest while avoiding harmful consequences.

People with Asthma and other respiratory illnesses may find Diwali extremely difficult. Toxic gasses from pyrotechnics can increase the risk of complications for those with respiratory disorders by raising particulate matter levels in the air above permitted limits.

Dr. Anshu Punjabi, Consultant-Pulmonologist and Sleep Medicine Expert, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, on how to protect yourself during the Diwali celebrations when air pollution levels spike.

Avoid going out 

It’s best not to go out and break crackers. Adulterants such as carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide are present in the smoke produced by the crackers. Asthma can be triggered by these dangerous substances. Make sure your room is smoke-free. If at all possible, stay indoors with the air conditioner on to avoid feeling too suffocated.

Wear a face mask

Wear a face mask if you have to leave the house. Consider donning an anti-pollution face mask to keep pollutants from entering the lungs.

Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food

Despite the fact that Diwali is all about great food and sweets, keep your oil and sweet intake in check. Consume nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables. This could aid in the improvement of your general health. Stay hydrated and avoid hyperacidity by drinking plenty of water. Drink a mug of warm water before going to bed. This will aid digestion and aid in the removal of adulterants from the lungs.

Keep your inhaler with you

People with pre-existing respiratory disorders should always have their emergency medications, nebulizers, and other medications on hand. Make sure you take all of your medications on schedule.

Inhale steam

When you’re feeling nervous, inhale the steam. If you have erratic breathing, you can also place a hot water bag on your back and in your casket. Respiratory problems will be alleviated with the use of these medicines.

Dusting should not be done by yourself

Before Diwali, almost everyone cleans their house. If you have respiratory difficulties, you should avoid cleaning the house since dust might cause breathing problems.

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