Bad Impact of Meditation on Your Health

Bad Impact of Meditation / 1

Meditation is one of the most often advised techniques in and across the world when it comes to our mental health and spiritual well-being. Many people feel it improves our mood, heals emotional wounds, and aids us in finding mental serenity. Researchers have shown that meditation can help us reduce stress, enhance our health, and improve our memory, according to several research.

However, we are unaware of the long-term negative consequences meditation might have on us. In the past, researchers have identified a few disadvantages and unfavorable effects that meditation might have on our physical and mental health. Researchers from Brown University and the University of California discovered a couple of potential negative effects of meditation in a 2017 study. While it is vital to emphasize that additional research is needed to confirm the same, these findings cannot be dismissed.

However, there are some disadvantages to meditation that you should be aware of.

Anxiety attacks may become more common in your life

Meditation, according to experts, may provoke anxiety episodes in people. Because meditation tends to bring up all types of emotions and memories, including painful ones, many negative sentiments are expected to surface throughout a meditation session. Participants in the 2017 study also showed indicators of anxiety, panic, and paranoia.

Increased disconnection from the outside world

According to health professionals, while meditation has many great effects on the mind, it can also cause negative feelings. This, in turn, can lead to feelings of disconnection and a reluctance to connect with others.

Additionally, while meditation aids in the development of self-awareness, it may alter your perception of others and make it difficult for you to form bonds with others.

You can be lacking in motivation

Meditation has been linked to a lack of motivation, according to reports. Because meditation and mindfulness encourage a person to live a life of detachment, it can lead to apathy in the workplace, personal life, and other areas.

You might have trouble sleeping

According to a study published by The American Psychosomatic Society, those who meditated frequently were more likely to have disrupted sleep cycles and trouble sleeping enough. According to experts, meditation can boost attention and focus to extremes, which can contribute to insomnia and other sleep issues.

Physical signs and symptoms to be aware of

Meditation, according to the 2017 study, is also likely to cause some health illnesses in people. People who were passionate meditators experienced symptoms such as pain, pressure, involuntary movements, headaches, weariness, weakness, gastrointestinal difficulties, and dizziness.

However, more research is needed to back up this claim. While too much of anything can have negative consequences, there’s no denying that meditation has aided and cured many people in the past.

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