The Best Bars and Bartenders 2023 [According to Experts]

Photo: Pixabay

The Tales of the Cocktail Foundation has selected the winners of their awards, providing us with a list of the world’s finest bars.

Want to find the best place to have a cocktail? The best bars, bartenders, and bar restaurants have been chosen by the Tales of Cocktail Foundation. These awards are some of the most prestigious in the alcohol industry. They honor the people, places, and drinks that really stand out.

These awards are chosen by people who work in the beverage industry and are experts in the field. As we’ve already said, they aren’t just for the best bars. The categories cover a wide range of things, from bartenders to media outlets that cover the industry. This year, the awards will be given out between July 25 and July 29. In the meantime, the list of nominees gives us a clear picture of the best in the world. Learn about them:

Best International Bartender of the Year

Rémy Savage — A Bar with Shapes for a Name, London, UK

Best international bar mentors

Lauren Motte

Best International Bar Team

MAYBE SAMMY—Sydney, Australia

Best International Cocktail Bar

Tayēr + Elementary — London, UK

Best International Hotel Bar

Lyaness at Sea Containers London — London, United Kingdom

Best International Restaurant Bar 

Sexy Fish — London, UK

Best New International Cocktail Bar

A Bar with Shapes for a Name — London, UK

Some of these winners have already been awarded in 2021.