Christmas is Coming: Top 13 Gifts for Athletes

Christmas Gifts for Athletes

Choosing Christmas gifts is challenging, even if you are looking for something special for your beloved ones. If you have problems, pay attention to your loved ones’ hobbies. Imagine someone enjoys a safe gambling site to bet on sports, then you can offer this person to try sports in real life. In this case, you can choose one of these gifts. 

Supportive Socks

These aren’t just regular socks, they’re almost a special sneaker gadget that’s designed to support the foot with special blistering inserts.

For example, some socks have a special layer resembling a bee honeycomb that keeps the sole toned. If you find them and buy them as a gift, you will forever earn the status of the most caring friend.

Apple Watch

Fitness trackers are one thing. Smartwatches are a different story. It’s a different level of control over your workout and biometric data, it’s 20 times more possible for the athlete. But the price is much higher, too.

Such a watch not only monitors movement, heart rate, sleep, and other important fitness metrics but will also ease the plight of your gym hero. He won’t have to be distracted by his phone, carry a Walkman, or even his wallet.


As practice shows, there is never too much sportswear. By the way, to choose it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Pay attention to:

  • Thermal underwear is a wonderful choice for any outdoor sport. But there is one disadvantage – it cannot be exchanged or returned if the size does not fit. So buy it as a gift if you are absolutely sure it will be just right.
  •  In the spring and summer months, you may also get custom screen printed t-shirts made of natural fabrics, as well as shorts for the gym or running outside. 

New Sneakers

Sneakers are always needed, they are like clothes – athletes don’t have a lot of them either and glad of a new pair!

It is better to choose sneakers for their intended purpose, if you know exactly what your hobbies are: basketball, football, gym, cross-country running, etc. Sneakers for everyday use are probably the most universal option.

A Beautiful Gym Bag

A standard inexpensive sports bag will not work as a gift. The usual model athletes already have.

What every fitness enthusiast needs is an attractive bag with which he will be able to travel from the gym to another location, even to a restaurant. Find a travel bag made of durable material that can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth. The rhythm of life often makes you run to the gym right after meetings, so a nice roomy bag will come in handy.

Smart Pajamas

There are pajamas that are created exactly for athletes. In these cozy clothes, it is not only comfortable to sleep, but it also helps to optimize recovery time and have a better rest. Under Armour and New England Patriots, baseball team quarterback Tom Brady co-wrote the technology.

The pajamas with embedded bioceramic fibers reflect the infrared energy that our body emits and return it back. The result is increased cell regeneration, faster muscle growth, and healing from micro-damage.


The popular TRX suspended training equipment is a handy thing. First, you can hang these loops anywhere, not just in the gym. At home, on the playground in the yard, you can put them everywhere. Since this equipment is not as huge, you can place TRX in a bag and take them with you. Second, this gift is versatile because it fits any gender, age, weight, and fitness level.

Those who like active exercise and gymnastics at home will love the TRX suspension system. As a rule, it is sold in specialized gym stores, but sometimes you can also find it in regular sports stores.


With it, you can make smoothies, as well as any sports, shakes that you can’t make in a shaker. The coolest blenders, the bowl of which has the shape of a cup, on which there is a lid with a drinker. For example, the Nutri ninja or Magic Bullet is not a household appliance, but a must-have for athletes.

Cool Thermos Bottle

These things often get lost, fall, and break, so a good double-walled bottle is never superfluous. Even if an athlete already has two, he or she will find a use for the third one as well. Even regular thermos will come in handy at any time of year. Avoid inexpensive plastic materials (they smell a lot) and containers with glass inner flasks.

Jogging Belt

A belt-like bag comes in handy not only for marathon runners. In it you can put your phone, locker key, pass and other small things during many sports. For runners, choose pieces with bottle pockets (most often bottles are included) and with a carabiner-key fastener. Most athletes also like jogging, so give them a belt and you won’t be wrong.

Power Bank

This is an important item for those who use fitness gadgets. Athletes usually have three: a bracelet or smartwatch, Bluetooth headphones, and a phone with the most important apps, such as Sport Priority, Nike+, or Runtastic. At least one of these essential devices will run out of battery on the way to the gym, so if your friend always has a mobile “charger” with him, you will often be remembered with gratitude.

Lightweight Mat With Handles

A yoga mat is also a universal gift. Most gyms and studios have mats, so few people bother buying a personal one. But you can bother, especially since it’s inexpensive. A personal mat is an element of care about hygiene and cleanliness. Such a gift will be appropriate and useful. Choose a mat with a strap or handles for carrying.

Waterproof Phone Case

The case will come in handy in the gym, and on a jog, and for walks on the bike. This is a good alternative to the bag because most often it keeps the phone. This case is attached to the shoulder, does not cramp your movements, and gives access to the screen through a sensitive waterproof membrane.