Top Ways To Edit A Video With Background Music

Video Editing

Depending on your needs and skill level, there are many ways to edit a video with background music. Whether for a school project or just for fun, editing videos with background music adds another layer of depth to the finished product. Screen recorder plays a vital role while editing videos with background music as it helps to record screen activities and create a final video. It is also the main tool being used in creating tutorials, how-to, and demonstration videos. You may want to record only the tab, browser, or the entire window. 

Let’s explore the top ways to edit a video with background music. Keep reading to learn more about how to edit a video with background music!

How to Make Your Own Video and Add Background Music?

When it comes to creating an impact on the audience, there could be nothing more powerful than a video. With screen recording software, you can easily create your videos with voice-overs, screen capture, and other effects. And also, consider adding background music to make your video even more memorable and engaging. Here are some informative tips on how to get started:

Choose Music That Fits The Video’s Theme

It is important to choose music that fits the theme of your video. If you are creating a severe documentary, then choose something with a more sombre tone. If it’s an upbeat party video, pick something with a faster beat that will keep people engaged and entertained.

There is royalty-free music that you can rely on when it comes to choosing music. A lot of available music templates that you can use. And it also allows the user to customize royalty-free music to elevate their videos. 

Choose Music That Fits The Length Of Your Video

When it comes to background music, you don’t want it to overpower the video. As you select the perfect song for your video, ensure it is timed appropriately – neither excessively long nor too abrupt.

Find A Music Editing Program

Find a good music editing program such as Adobe Audition or Apple’s Logic Pro to ensure your video looks professional and polished.

Add Your Music To The Video

Once you have chosen the perfect song for your video, you can add it to your project in various ways. Some programs allow you to layer multiple pieces and adjust their volume; this way, one song doesn’t overpower the other.

Adjust The Volume Of Your Music

Once you have added your music to the video, remember to adjust the background music volume, so it doesn’t overpower the main audio. Depending on the type of video you create, this could be a critical step in ensuring viewers can still hear and understand the dialogue.

If you’re looking for the best free screen recorder to capture and edit your videos with background music, there are many options. You must find one with the necessary features and tools, such as video clips, audio clips, transitions, effects, etc. Unlock your inner artist and craft stunning videos with only several clicks of the mouse, all backed by some mesmerizing background music!

Add Background Music to a Video Simple And Quick

Make the most out of screen recordings and create captivating videos with the addition of background music. Today’s screen recording tools make adding audio to any screen capture easy and quick. Whether it be a tutorial, demonstration, or instructional video, you can add music to your screen recordings to make them more engaging for viewers. The best part? You don’t need any specialized recording or editing software. You only need a screen recorder with an audio mixer, and you can add music to your screen recordings quickly!

Free Tools, Tips, & Resources

What’s impressive about adding background music to videos is that you can do it with free tools. Plenty of free software programs and online resources are available for everything from audio editing to video production. Here are some top recommendations for free audio editing and video production tools:

  • VEED – a video editor software with complete tools and features for creating quality and professional videos. One of its tools includes adding background music.
  • Audacity – a popular, open-source tool for recording, manipulating, and editing audio files.
  • OBS Studio – free, open-source software for streaming and recording video that works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • VideoPad – an easy-to-use video editor with audio mixing and visual editing capabilities 
  • YouTube Audio Library – a library of royalty-free sound effects and music you can use in your videos

Best Examples Of Background Music From Popular Videos

Captivate yourself and your viewers by adding the perfect music to your videos. You can find inspiration from some of the best examples of background music in popular videos. From comedy sketches to tutorials, these videos show how a song can set the tone and enhance production value:

  • The Try Guys – A hit YouTube series that uses light-hearted pop music in their comedic skits
  • Simon Sinek – An inspiring motivational speaker who adds upbeat music to his presentations
  • Casey Neistat – A famous YouTube filmmaker who often uses instrumental hip-hop and electronic beats in his videos
  • Vsauce – An educational channel that uses intense rock and techno music as part of its branding


Adding background music to a video is a great way to make your content more engaging and exciting. With the right tools such as a screen recorder and add background music tools, you can easily create captivating videos. If you think that these tasks are not easy, don’t forget that there are guides that can help you with how to screen record on Windows for Windows users as well as for Mac users.