Henry Cavill will No Longer be Superman or the Witcher

Henry Cavill
Photo: Instagram

Fans of Henry Cavill have felt a lot of different things over the past few months. First, it was confirmed that the actor would go back to the DC Universe to play Superman again, a role he played for the first time in the 2013 movie Man of Steel. Soon after, it was said that the actor would stop playing Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series, which some people thought was the smart thing to do so he could focus on his work at DC.

But DC’s new creative president, James Gunn, has confirmed that Henry Cavill will not be back to play the character in a movie he will write about a younger Clark Kent in his early years (which means that they will hire a new actor to play the superhero). He did say, though, that he will find a place for Cavill in the DC Universe, which suggests that the actor will come back but play a different role.

Cavill, who was excited to play Superman again, said in a social media post, “This news hasn’t been the best, but that’s life. It is normal for the guard to change, and I respect that. James and Peter (Safran) are building a new universe, and I wish them and everyone else involved the best of luck and the best of fortune. He ended the message from him by saying, “It’s been a fun ride for everyone, onward and upward.”

So what will happen next?

Cavill’s departure suggests that James Gunn and Peter Safran are thinking about starting over with the whole DC Universe. There were already rumors that Jason Momoa would leave his role as Aquaman to play Lobo, another iconic DC character. Momoa has helped spread these rumors by saying in the past that he would like to play Lobo.

This makes it more likely that Cavill will return to DC as a new character. For now, though, we don’t know what role he could play, especially since DC’s new managers haven’t said much about their plans and there are a lot of DC characters.

But some people are talking about how Henry Cavill might join the Marvel Universe –although he could do both. Here, he has already been linked to a number of characters that he could play in the future. There is Hyperion, who is kind of like Superman in his own way. There is also the possibility of Captain Britain or Union Jack, two very British characters, or even the Beyonder, one of the best comic book bad guys.

On the other hand, fans are now asking for Cavill to play James Bond, but the producers have already said that they will be looking for a younger name for the character.

What happens next in Henry Cavill’s life will have to be seen.