Why Henry Cavill Could be the Best James Bond?

Henry Cavill
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Henry Cavill is one of the best choices to be the next James Bond. He has all the qualities we want in a modern action hero and would be a good fit for 007 in the modern world.

The actor had wanted to play the famous MI6 agent before, but this time he was told he was “too fat” to get the part. This was probably the dumbest reason they could have come up with, but it only made him work harder. With projects like The Witcher, Justice League, Enola Holmes (he is already working on the sequel), and the Mission Impossible saga, he has worked harder and become the Leading Man he is today. Now, he has a new chance.

No Time to Die was not only Daniel Craig’s last movie as James Bond, but it was also the first time the character showed more emotion, let himself be weak, and died. This shows what the producers have in mind for the future. They’ve already talked about how they want a younger actor so they can make more movies. They’ve also talked about how some things will never change, but changes will be made to bring the spy up to date and show him in a different way.

Craig is the best Bond since Sean Connery, so fans are already looking for his replacement. Richard Madden and Taron Egerton are among the actors fans would like to see in the role.

Henry Cavill seems to be the best choice among them.

Henry Cavill, and why he might be the best choice to play James Bond?

It’s the fan favorite 

A recent study that looks at how fans bet and what they think says that Cavill is the best actor to win the role.

The study was done by VegasInsider.com, and it says that Cavill has replaced Regé Jean-Page as the leading candidate with a 28.8% chance of becoming Bond. It says that “Cavill is everywhere right now: Enola Holmes 2, the recent announcement of The Witcher season 3… He will also be in Argylle, a spy thriller by Matthew Vaughn that is set to come out in 2023. It will be very interesting to see how that changes the odds over the next few months.”

There are also names like Tom Hardy, James Norton, and Luke Evans on the list, but fans think Cavill is the best of them all.

Daniel Craig has already marked a new path

Craig was a different Bond from the start. He didn’t look like the other actors who had played the agent before him, and with No Time to Die, he made the character more human, emotional, and vulnerable. Daniel Craig’s version of Bond also changed how he interacted with the Bond Girls, making them more than just romantic interests.

James Bond can’t be the same as he was in the 1960s. The world has changed, and so has James Bond. The character needs to grow and change, and to do that, it needs the right person.

Bond may not be a woman (and Margot Robbie has already said that’s a good thing), and some things can’t change too much, but there are some things that definitely need to be updated, like his old relationship with women (the director of No Time to Die said that the first Bond was almost a rapist), his alcoholism (even though he’s not going to stop drinking Martinis), and the fact that he seemed like a man who didn’t talk about his feelings or mental

Henry Cavill is part of a new generation of actors who are both strong and vulnerable, so he could be a great way to make Bond feel new again.

He’s been a spy before and he will be again

The actor is probably best known for playing Superman, but we’ve also seen him as a spy in movies like The Man From UNCLE and Mission: Impossible, where he had a perfect mustache and fought Tom Cruise like it was nothing.

Cavill has been a secret agent before, so he can easily fit into Bond’s world and meet his needs. He has also spoken out about mental health and other issues that the new Bond needs to deal with, especially after what happened at the end of No Time to Die.

Cavill is also set to be in Argylle, which is another thriller about a spy with a lot of personality and a great sense of style. This could be a great way for him to get ready for his role at MI6.

You can fight in style

Anyone can learn how to do stunts and fights, but having done them before gives you a big advantage. Mission: Impossible’s director said that the fight between Cavill and Cruise was one of the hardest scenes to film. A third actor didn’t want to be in the scene because he couldn’t keep up with them, and he did it all while wearing a shirt and tie.

Bond’s style is important, and Henry Cavill has already shown that he knows how to keep it. Even Fallout’s director, Christopher McQuarrie, said that he would be a great Bond.

Cavill has the style of old Hollywood stars, but in a modern way, and Bond needs that.

An opportunity to start from scratch

Cavill is also younger than many of the actors who have played James Bond in the past. This means that the story can start from the beginning and show us Bond’s first missions as an MI6 agent, all the way up to when he is already a veteran.

And it’s not just about going back to the beginning. It’s also about trying to make a different version, which Cavill did by making Sherlock Holmes more human and showing how much he loves his younger sister and her family.

Craig showed some of that in the last movie, but Cavill may be the key to using it.

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