How Many Super Reactions Do You Get: Here’s The Answer!

Curious to learn How many super reactions do you get on Discord?? This potent feature, currently in beta and accessible within specific servers, adds an engaging dimension to your interactions.

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In this blog post, we’re set to demystify all things Super Reactions, spanning their definition and functionality to the latest developments associated with them. Let’s embark on an exciting journey into the realm of ‘Super Reactions’!

Content Highlight

  • Discord Reactions empower users to convey their sentiments through emojis, bypassing the need for text.
  • Super Reactions amplify the concept of reactions, infusing emojis with animations and special effects for a heightened experience.
  • Currently in beta phase, Super Reactions are exclusively accessible on designated Discord servers.
  • The quota of deployable Super Reactions hinges on your subscription tier, with non-subscribers capped at 2 per week, while Nitro subscribers enjoy the capacity to deploy up to 5 per week.

Unveiling Reactions and Super Reactions

What are Reactions and Super Reactions

Discord Reactions constitute a feature that empowers users to convey their emotions and thoughts about messages through emojis. However, Super Reactions transcend the ordinary, delivering a more diverse and customizable array of engagement options to users.

Definition and Operational Scope of Reactions

Reactions prove themselves as playful utilities on Discord, harnessing emojis to elucidate your response to a message. By selecting an emoji from the available array and appending it to a message, you can aptly express your sentiments, sans the need for textual articulation.

For instance, if someone shares joyous tidings, you can augment their message with a cheerful face emoji as your reaction. This method facilitates swift and uncomplicated communication of your emotions.

Definition and Operational Scope of Super Reactions

Super Reactions exercise an enchanting influence on Discord conversations. Infusing a delightful energy into your chats, they introduce a heightened level of amusement. Through Super Reactions, selected emojis metamorphose into vivid expressions, lighting up the screen with their unique animated flair.

Users can incorporate Super Reactions by accessing “Add Super Reaction.” This action presents a plethora of entertaining alternatives. The interface conveniently displays the remaining count of available Super Reactions at the top right corner of the emoji pop-up box.

This ensures that you’re always apprised of the forthcoming usage limit. These reactions transcend mere emojis, infusing each message with an element of joy and vibrancy.

How Many Super Reactions Do You Get: Availability and Constraints of Super Reactions

Super Reactions are presently within the Beta phase and are solely accessible on designated Discord servers.

Super Reactions in Beta Stage

Currently, Super Reactions are undergoing testing, residing in the Beta stage. This phase represents a testing ground. Notably, Super Reactions have not been rolled out to all Discord servers; only select ones have access. Some users have expressed reservations about the placement of the new Super Reactions button. It’s worth noting that adjustments might occur as the feature continues to be refined through testing.

Limitation to Specific Discord Servers

Discord’s Super Reactions, during this testing phase, are exclusive to certain servers and are not universally available. This implies that the feature is not accessible on all servers. If you do not observe Super Reactions on your server, it is due to the fact that the feature has not yet been introduced to that server.

Stay attuned for potential updates or notifications from Discord regarding the broader availability of Super Reactions. If you’re interested in learning how to play music on Discord, this resource can provide insight.

Super Reaction Quotas Based on Nitro and Nitro Basic Subscriptions:

The extent of Super Reaction utilization on Discord is contingent on your subscription tier. For Nitro subscribers, there is an allowance of up to five Super Reactions per week. Non-subscribers, as well as those with Nitro Basic or Classic subscriptions, are confined to utilizing two Super Reactions weekly. To encapsulate:

Subscription Type

Number of Super Reactions Per Week





Nitro Basic or Classic


Moreover, it’s crucial to acknowledge that Discord Nitro encompasses additional enhanced features, encompassing a soundboard and themes, which are deployable across diverse servers. Additionally, you can also read how to deactivate messenger.

Employing Reactions and Super Reactions

Employing Reactions and Super Reactions on Discord is a straightforward endeavor. Adhere to these directions:

Instructions for Employing Reactions and Super Reactions on Discord

  1. To deploy Reactions and Super Reactions on Discord, adhere to these steps:
  2. Choose the message you intend to react to.
  3. Click on the smiley face icon located beneath the message.
  4. Select the preferred emoji for either a Reaction or Super Reaction.
  5. For Super Reactions, access “Add Super Reaction.”
  6. The remaining Super Reactions are discernible via the counter positioned at the upper right corner of the emoji pop-up.
  7. To eliminate a Reaction or Super Reaction, reclick the emoji.

Monitoring Remaining Super Reactions

Monitoring the available Super Reactions is seamless. Navigate to your Discord account and ascertain the number of available Super Reactions associated with your account. Ordinary users are allotted two Super Reactions weekly, while Nitro users enjoy a quota of five per week. This approach enables you to track your remaining reactions before reaching the limit.

Registration and Removal of Reactions:

  1. To register and remove reactions on Discord, execute these steps:
  2. For adding a reaction to a message, select the “Add Reaction” button.
  3. Opt for an emoji from the emoji pop-up menu.
  4. The reaction will be logged and displayed adjacent to the message.
  5. To eliminate a personally added reaction, tap the “Remove Reaction” button.
  6. Designate the emoji corresponding to the reaction you wish to retract.
  7. The reaction will be successfully removed from the message.

Disabling Super Reaction Animations: A Guide for Server Admins and Moderators

Empower yourself as a server admin or moderator by learning how to disable Super Reaction animations on Discord. Read on to discover the steps.

Steps to Deactivate Super Reaction Animations as a Server Admin or Moderator

To deactivate Super Reaction animations as a server admin or moderator, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Access your User Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Accessibility section.
  3. Scroll down to locate the “Play Animated Emoji” setting.
  4. Toggle the switch to enable or disable Super Reactions.

Limitations of Disabling Super Reactions on the Mobile App

Disabling Super Reactions within the Discord mobile app is associated with certain limitations. Although server admins or moderators can turn off Super Reaction animations, it’s essential to be aware that this feature is not accessible for usage on mobile devices.

Consequently, even if Super Reactions are disabled, users will still observe them on their posts. This limitation implies that users who predominantly engage with the mobile app will not have the capacity to completely deactivate Super Reactions and may continue encountering them in their conversations.

Managing Reactions and Super Reactions

Uncover techniques for adeptly managing reactions and super reactions on Discord, including the ability to discern who reacted with which emojis to a message.

Capability to Identify Emojis Used in Reactions to a Message

Presently, you can ascertain who reacted to a message and which emojis they utilized. This functionality empowers you to gauge audience engagement and sentiment without the need for direct queries. Whether on Messenger, Google Meet, Teams, or Discord, this insight into others’ selected emojis aids in comprehending their responses to your messages or posts.

This valuable feature enables you to glean insights into how your shared content resonates with your audience, enhancing your understanding of their sentiments and interactions.

Removing Super Reactions and Potential Impact on Available Allocation

Opting to remove Super Reactions might influence the available allocation for handling Reactions and Super Reactions. While the specifics of this impact are not detailed in the article, it suggests that some consequences may arise from removing Super Reactions, without specifying the exact nature of these outcomes.

Utilizing Reactions and Super Reactions on Mobile

Master the art of employing Reactions and Super Reactions on your mobile device, along with the option to remove them when necessary, ensuring engagement and expression on the go.

Steps to Employ Reactions and Super Reactions on Mobile Devices

To proficiently utilize Reactions and Super Reactions on mobile devices, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the message you intend to react to or embellish with a Super Reaction.
  3. Tap and hold the message, prompting a menu to appear.
  4. Select “Add Reaction” from the menu.
  5. Pick the desired emoji or Super Reaction by tapping on it.
  6. For removing a reaction, tap and hold the respective emoji, then opt for “Remove Reaction” from the menu.
  7. To discover who reacted with specific emojis to a message, tap and hold the reaction, then choose “View Users.”
  8. To verify your remaining Super Reactions, tap and hold a reaction, selecting “View Remaining.”
  9. Familiarize yourself with the Super Reactions button’s placement, as it has been subject to some user critiques.

Removing Reactions and Super Reactions on Mobile

To eliminate Reactions and Super Reactions on mobile, adhere to these steps:

  1. Tap and hold the message housing the Reaction or Super Reaction you wish to remove.
  2. A menu will materialize, presenting various options.
  3. Select either “Remove Reaction” or “Remove Super Reaction” from the menu.
  4. The Reaction or Super Reaction will be successfully eradicated from the message.

Reasons for Super Reactions Not Functioning

There are several potential causes for Super Reactions not functioning as anticipated:

  1. Lack of Nitro or Nitro Basic subscription, as Super Reactions are exclusive to subscribers.
  2. Your Discord server has not enabled Super Reactions.
  3. Super Reactions are still in the Beta stage and might be affected by bugs or issues.
  4. Exhaustion of the allotted Super Reactions based on your Nitro or Nitro Basic subscription.
  5. Possible temporary glitches with the Discord app or server impacting Super Reactions’ functionality.
  6. Ensure you are employing the most recent Discord app version, as older versions might not support Super Reactions.
  7. In the event of mobile issues, consider updating the app or investigating device-specific constraints.
  8. Validate your internet connection’s stability to preclude disruptions in Super Reaction functionality.

Stay Updated with Latest Emoji Features and Enhancements

Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and emoji options that have been introduced to Reactions and Super Reactions. These changes are designed to elevate your interaction experience, so don’t miss out on these transformative updates. Dive in to learn more!

Enhancements and Updates for Reactions and Super Reactions

Discord has taken steps to enhance the Reactions and Super Reactions features, aiming to create a more enriched user experience when expressing reactions to messages within the platform.

These improvements encompass novel emoji choices and functionalities, offering users additional means to effectively communicate their feelings. Discord remains committed to refining these aspects based on user feedback, so keep watch for any forthcoming developments.

Fresh Emoji Selections and Functionalities

Recent enhancements across various platforms, such as Discord, YouTube, Google Meet, and Instagram, have introduced fresh emoji choices and functionalities, enriching the way users interact with content.

For instance, Discord’s ongoing testing of the Super Reactions feature in its Beta phase expands the spectrum of available emojis for reactions. YouTube now empowers viewers to select from five diverse emoji options during live streams. Similarly, Google Meet enables participants to communicate in-meeting reactions through emojis, across different platforms.

Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that there could be constraints or known issues linked to these new features, contingent upon the platform. Additionally, you can also explore Integrating ChatGPT on Discord for additional insights. If you’re interested also read on Zefoy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we address some common queries pertaining to this subject.

What constitutes Super Reactions, and how many are available?

Super Reactions entail distinct responses on social media platforms, but the precise allotment of Super Reactions varies depending on the specific platform’s features.

Can I personalize the Super Reactions I receive?

Certainly, some platforms extend the ability to personalize Super Reactions based on user preferences and the array of available choices.

Have there been recent updates or modifications to Super Reactions?

Updates or modifications to Super Reactions remain plausible as social media platforms continually evolve to heighten user engagement. Staying abreast of the latest developments from your preferred platform is recommended.

How can I ascertain if someone has employed a Super Reaction towards me?

Typically, social media accounts notify you or incorporate visual indicators when someone employs a Super Reaction, contingent on the platform’s settings and functionalities.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Super Reactions within Discord present an exhilarating opportunity for users to express themselves playfully and interactively. Notably, these Discord features remain within the Beta phase, accessible solely to specific servers.

Furthermore, the volume of available Super Reactions might be subject to limitations contingent on your subscription tier. Remain attuned to the most recent updates and novel functionalities, as Discord continuously refines this feature to enhance the user experience.

Are you interested to learn how many super reactions do you get on Discord? This article will guide you to everything. So, read on.