If You Don’t Want to Do It, Don’t Do It: How to Regain Motivation in 7 Steps

How to Regain Motivation

Finishing a report, cleaning the house, getting to the gym, and cooking dinner for the whole family — sometimes it’s excruciatingly difficult to get started on even the routine, let alone the big things. You have to, but you don’t feel like it. So, where to get motivation?

Don’t Do It

Let’s imagine that now you have no desire to do a routine. So, get over it and don’t do it. Most importantly, don’t blame yourself for this decision. The challenge is to accept it humbly. Take a break from any activity for 15 minutes, or even an hour if you can. Turn off your phone and just sit or lie in silence with your eyes closed. After a while, desires will awaken in you. For example, you will get hungry or become bored in a static position. At some point, the discomfort of inactivity will become unbearable. This will motivate you to get up and walk around, make lunch, learn something new, be it betting at Bet20 or embroidery, or do something else.

Give rest to the mind and body. Be passive consciously for a set amount of time. Then you will have thoughts on how to solve various urgent tasks. And you will be more eager to get down to business.

Figure out Why You Aren’t Motivated at a Particular Moment?

Lack of motivation means a lack of psychological strength for some actions. Consider what this is due to. If you overwork, it’s necessary to rest properly. If you are in poor health, take care of it. Desires will come as soon as you shut down basic physical needs. Or perhaps you aren’t satisfied with the reward for your actions. For example, work seems pointless. In this case, you should seriously consider changing it. Many studies prove that interest in the result of labor motivates more than money.

Refuse Imposed Motivation

Sometimes it’s difficult to separate your real desires from false ones. For example, almost any advertisement imposes motivation, promising a bright future: just buy this, and you will be happy. However, the imposed motivation doesn’t work for a long time and doesn’t yield the desired fruits. True motivation is born from real inner needs, gives inspiration and energy to implement plans. So, if you find it difficult to make yourself do something, perhaps you just don’t need it.

Everything goes back to the way it was because the motivation to avoid problems is often stronger than the motivation to solve them. The true motivation to lose weight can be a health concern. In this case, sports and dieting will be easier for you.

Imagine a Concrete Result

One way to establish an emotional state and set yourself up to do things is to visualize the result. Imagine how clean and pleasant the house will be after cleaning, how happy your pet will be for a walk, and how free and easy you will feel after a job well done. These thoughts are energizing.

Set a Schedule and Stick to It

Sometimes motivation comes already in the process of activity. So, it’s almost impossible to motivate yourself by watching inspirational videos or reading texts while lying on the couch. The state of maximum motivation, which is often called flow, can be “caught” in the process of doing something. So, the task is to get started because it’s the start that gives the impetus and energy to continue.

This is where a clear daily routine comes to the rescue. Many successful people emphasize that this is the key to achieving any goals in business, sports, or creativity. Even the most talented people can’t realize themselves if they don’t methodically hone their skills.

Try the Goldilocks Rule

Motivational coaches suggest following the so-called rule of Goldilocks, named after the heroine from the English fairy tale “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. In the story, the girl comes to the house of bears, where she eats from three different plates and chooses not the coldest and not the hottest, the one that is just right. In this way, psychologists advise doing something that isn’t too complicated, but not too simple. After all, the fulfillment of tasks that meet the abilities motivates more than others. At the same time, it’s important to measure your progress and evaluate how you are coping.

Be Kind to Yourself

It’s useless and even dangerous to criticize yourself for your inaction and scare yourself with negative consequences. This will take more energy than doing the hard work.

Motivation through fear is strong. One can work in an exhausted state out of fear of being fired and do just fine. However, if you do it all the time, at some point, the nervous system will fail. Those who have a positive attitude toward themselves and the world are often more motivated and get results faster.

The most ordinary tasks that you take on and complete should be seen as an act of courage and a victory. Praise yourself for them.