Israel Bombs 200+ Targets in Gaza After Hamas Incursion Kills Hundreds

Overnight, the Israeli military bombarded more than 200 targets in the Gaza Strip. This comes after a shocking breach of its border by Hamas militants, which killed hundreds in Israel. Israel says it has now secured the breached barrier.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have fled per the UN since Hamas fighters entered Israel, killing hundreds and spurring fierce Israeli retaliation from sea and air.

Israel Targets Hamas Sites in Overnight Bombing

Israel says its bombed targets included a Hamas command center in a mosque, a militant tunnel entrypoint in a mosque, and other “operational infrastructure.” Israel accuses Hamas of embedding military sites within civilian areas and religious sites.

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The IDF said 1,500 Hamas militant bodies were recovered in Israel, and the Gaza border area is now “more or less secure.” A military official said Palestinian civilians should exit Gaza through the Rafah crossing into Egypt if possible. Over 2 million live in the blockaded territory.

Ground Invasion Seen as Likely Next Phase

Israel has fully deployed 35 battalions and 4 divisions, building up “for future operations” – likely a ground invasion of Gaza.

PM Netanyahu said Hamas made a “historic mistake” in Saturday’s attack, abducting dozens. He vowed a response remembered “for decades.” Opposition leader Benny Gantz said he’d join a unity “war cabinet.”

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900+ Israelis have now died, with dozens of hostages in Gaza. Palestinian officials say 687 in Gaza are dead. Per the UN, over 187,000 Gazans are displaced.

Conflict Raises Regional Escalation Fears

The war has raised concerns about wider escalation, including with Lebanon-based Hezbollah. The US has deployed naval assets to the Mediterranean.

Hezbollah said it fired into Israel, killing Israeli soldiers after its fighters died crossing the border. Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei denied links to Hamas’ attack but said the assault inflicted lasting damage to Israel.

The Hamas breach has prompted shock and self-examination in Israel over security failures. The IDF is still counting dead from an attack that killed 250 at a border party.