Mexican Liquors and Beers Take Over the U.S., Driven by Changing Tastes and Demographics

Mexican Liquors and Beers Take Over the U.S

Tequila and mezcal sales have skyrocketed in recent years as American drinkers splurge on pricier, high-quality agave spirits. These Mexican liquors saw 27% volume growth from 2021 to 2022. Premium brands like Casamigos and Don Julio lead the pack, helped by smooth taste and celebrity backing. With vodka sales slowing, tequila is poised to become the US’s fastest growing spirit. Mezcal, tequila’s smokier cousin, is rising fast too. Their meteoric rise results from savvy marketing making tequila palatable to mainstream Americans without alienating Hispanic drinkers. With US demand surging, supply shortages and price hikes may be coming.

Mexican Beers Gain Ground with Wider Appeal Beyond Hispanic Drinkers

Imports of Mexican beer into the US are up 11% this year. In a historic changing of the guard, Modelo Especial dethroned Bud Light as America’s favorite beer. Corona Extra sales stay strong too. Mexican beers win over non-Hispanic consumers with refreshingly light flavors and “authentic” lime pairing promoted in ads. While the growing US Hispanic population plays a role, strategic marketing diversifies drinkers. However, newer Mexican lagers face fierce competition. As beer drinking declines overall, Mexican brewers ramp up distribution and innovation to maintain share growth. Additionally, you can also read about- Beer Drinking Countries in the World [Top 20 List]

Proudly Carrying on Tequila-Making Legacies

With many heritage tequila brands now foreign-owned, a new generation of Mexican producers like Eduardo González are launching their own lines. González, whose family built Don Julio, started LALO Tequila in 2020. He aims to honor Mexican traditions and ancestors while appealing to US drinkers seeking an authentic narrative. More Mexican owners in the surging tequila business can sustain agave growing communities. Despite supply pressures, their future looks strong. If you want you can also read – India’s Indri Whisky Wins Best Single Malt in the World