Netanyahu Apologizes for Blaming Security Services in Wake of Hamas Attack

Israel Gaza Offensive

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has apologized for a social media post in which he criticized his country’s intelligence services for failing to anticipate a deadly Hamas attack in early October. In the now-deleted post, Netanyahu claimed security officials had assured him that Hamas was deterred and uninterested in escalating violence.

The comments quickly drew criticism from Netanyahu’s political allies, who said it was a time for unity, not finger-pointing. Opposition leaders accused Netanyahu of undermining public trust in the military and intelligence services. Netanyahu soon removed the controversial post and said his security services have his full support in fighting Hamas.

While military leaders have acknowledged intelligence failures preceding the attack, Netanyahu has avoided taking responsibility himself. This has widened a rift between him and security agencies as he continues to fight corruption charges that could threaten his political career. Critics say Netanyahu seems more interested in politics than national security. In addition, you can also read an article on- Hamas Frees Two US Civilians Among Hundreds Held Hostage in Gaza

Israel Launches New Ground Offensive in Gaza After Weeks of Airstrikes

The public dispute comes as Israel initiates a new ground phase in its military campaign against Hamas militants in Gaza. After three weeks of heavy aerial bombardments that have killed thousands in Gaza, Netanyahu says Israel is only beginning its assault and will “destroy the enemy above ground and below ground.” Additionally, you can also read about- Civilian Casualties Mount As Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies

Israel’s offensive aims to halt Hamas rocket attacks that have killed over 1,400 Israelis. The UN Secretary-General has urgently called for a ceasefire, warning conditions in Gaza are deteriorating by the hour. With much of Gaza’s infrastructure demolished, thousands of displaced Palestinians stormed UN food warehouses out of desperation. Israel has said it will allow more humanitarian aid into the territory.

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