Civilian Casualties Mount As Israel-Hamas Conflict Intensifies

israel gaza conflict
Photo Credit: Yahoo News

Nine United Nations staff members have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza since Saturday, the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, confirmed on Wednesday. UNRWA said its own headquarters in Gaza City and many schools turned shelters were also damaged as Israel continues its aggressive counteroffensive against Hamas. The U.N. said the airstrikes likely constitute war crimes under international law due to the high civilian death toll. Additionally, you can also read about- Over 200,000 Palestinians Displaced in Gaza by Israeli Airstrikes: UN

Israel Declares “War” After Surprise Hamas Attack

The airstrikes are part of Israel’s forceful response after the militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack last Saturday, sending rockets and fighters into Israel and leaving horrific devastation along the border. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed to “operate forcefully everywhere” against Hamas. By Wednesday, multiple neighborhoods in Gaza had been flattened by the bombardment.

Biden Condemns Hamas, Vows To Support Israel

In an address on Tuesday, President Biden strongly condemned the terrorist attacks by Hamas, confirming that American citizens are being held hostage by the group. As many as 20 Americans remain unaccounted for in Gaza, with over a dozen already confirmed killed. The White House reiterated its support for Israel’s right to self-defense against Hamas. If you want you can also read- Israel Bombs 200+ Targets in Gaza After Hamas Incursion Kills Hundreds

International Community Alarmed By Mounting Casualties

The U.N. Commission on the Occupied Palestinian Territories said Tuesday there is clear evidence that war crimes are being committed by both sides, voicing grave concern over the humanitarian crisis. With Israel imposing a complete siege on Gaza, cutting off critical supplies like water, food and electricity, the U.N. warned many more civilian lives will likely be lost.

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