A Helpful Guide to Gaining Real Instagram Followers


Instagram is the modern day method of communication. Years ago, communication was simple but one could not connect with people from different parts of the world. However, with the advent of social media, things have changed and the method of communication has advanced to a great extent. No longer do people have to spend a lot of money to contact someone internationally. With the help of social media, you can contact anyone with just a few clicks and without spending much. Instagram, therefore, has become a popular form of communication but more than that, it has become an important and essential marketing tool. Gaining real instagram followers is essential these days because with Instagram being a significant platforms used by millions of users, you have a huge opportunity to attract more potential customers.

You may have heard plenty of times that Instagram is an important platform and having followers is highly important if you want to achieve success in it. However, the main struggle begins when you are unable to gain followers despite putting your best efforts. This can be quite discouraging because seeing your efforts result in no good gains can demotivate you and eventually make your feel like using the platform is probably useless. However, you should remember that Instagram is a major platform and there are any brands and influencers who have benefitted using the platform. They have seen immense increase in their business and sales due to the fact that they have the opportunity to find a wide variety of prospects from different parts of the world.

Importance of followers

Before you aim to get real instagram followers to grow your account, you must realise why they play an important role in your online presence.

  • Firstly, Instagram has may algorithms and rules according to which it functions. One way to grow your Instagram visibility is by posting relevant content which has the potential to receive high engagement. According to Instagram, your post becomes more visible when it has more engagement. This is because Instagram profits from highly engaging content and if your content receives high engagement, Instagram will recommned your post to other users.
  • Another important thing you should remember about followers is that they can turn into regular customers if your content to them and your products and services serves them. This is a great opportunity for business owners to grow their business and increase their profit and sales. You have to remember that if you are a business account, you should focus equally on the products you are marketing along with the content you are posting. Your post should certainly be relateable to your real instagram followers so that they can benefit out of it and would want to buy the product.
  • Another reason why your followers are important is because they can increase your post’s visibility. If your post is entertaining and engaging, your followers may share it in their page or they may send it to their message and the like which can increase your post’s reach to a great extent. This may lead other users to check out your page and if they like the content you post, they may start following you. Following this, if your products are valuable to them, they may even turn into customers.

Ways to gain real instagram followers

No that you have understood the importance of real followers, here are some ways through which you can gain real instagram followers which are as follows.

  • Curating your content is perhaps one of the most important things you have to consider if yourwant to increase your page’s reach. Make sure that you put some time and thought to the content you are posting. Edit it properly and make it relevant to your users. Invest in a good and high quality camera that will allow you to take good quality images because no one enjoys a poor quality image. This will help you to make your page appear appealing and attractive which is one of the most significant factors that may lead a user to follow your page.
  • Craft your bio in a concise and compelling manner. Your bio should be able to give your followers an idea of what your page is about in a short and sweet manner. Do not make your bio too long. You don’t have to write an essay. If your bio is too long, followers may lose interest in your page right away. A long bio can be a fun killer and that is not the kind of effect you want your bio to produce.
  • Another important thing you should consider when you are looking to gain real instagram followers is to ensure that you make your captions relateable to your content. Your caption should have the ability to spark a conversation and also get the conversation going. It should connect with your followers and make them comment in your post. This is one of the best ways to increase the engagement rate of your post and as mentioned above, if you have a high engagement rate, your post and your page will be more visible to others.
  • You must also remember that you should make use of the different tools and features of Instagram such as IGTV, reels, stories, and the like. Do not stick to posting images. You can also post videos, reels, IGTV videos, and the like to make your page have more variety and make it more engaging. Reels are a creative way to share your posts and you can do so much with it. You can get creative and post innovative and entertaining reels that is sure to attract more followers.

These are some of the most important things you have to keep in mind when you are looking to gain real instagram followers and make your page more significant. You have to ensure that you keep these tips in mind and make sure you follow them when you are trying to get more followers.