The Secret Behind Successful Startups: Pitch Deck Elements

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You’ve probably heard the pitch before: “I’m going to change the world!” Well, you might want to read this blog post before you decide to invest your time and money in a startup.

Before coming up with an actual presentation, entrepreneurs pitch their ideas every day looking for funding, but how does one separate themselves from the pack? That’s where pitch deck elements come into play. This article will discuss what makes up a successful pitch deck and why it is so important for startups looking for funding.

What Makes a Good Pitch Deck?

First off, pitch deck elements are the building blocks of what makes a successful pitch as a brief presentation. According to Venngage, there is no one-size-fits-all pitch; however, there are specific components that almost every pitch includes:

Executive Summary

A brief description of your business and how it will work. This section should be less than two pages long and include basic information like cost breakdowns and potential market size for your product or service.

Problem Statement

Upon preparing for a presentation deck, you have to describe the problem you’re trying to solve with your startup by explaining who has this problem (which group/type of people), why they have this problem (how serious their issue is), and where does this frustration come from (what exactly causes the issue).


Detail how you plan to solve the problem. How are you going to do it? What makes your approach different from other methods or products that claim they can also help users with their issues?

Your Team

Investors want to know who’s on your team and what experience each person has. If there’s a big name attached, be sure to mention them in this section of pitch deck elements. Also include any academic degrees/credentials people have related to the business, as well as where investors will fit into all of this (if at all) since not every startup involves an investor.

Business Model

The pitch should explain exactly how your company makes money. Is it through selling goods or services? If so, what are they and how much does each one cost that makes your company profitable in the long run?


This pitch deck element section should explain who you’re competing with. What products or companies offer a similar service to yours and why do customers choose them instead of you? You’ll also want to explain why this is good news for your business (i.e., less competition means more room at the top).

Explain exactly how you plan on getting people’s attention and turning those clicks into sales/conversions. In this way, it would be easier for the clients and investors to understand your services with the use of a sales deck. How will users find out about your startup’s existence online if it doesn’t already exist in their mind when searching for certain keywords relevant to your business?


Your pitch deck should include a detailed breakdown of your startup’s financial projections. How much money do you plan on making in the first year, the second year, and so forth? What’s the source of that revenue (e.g., advertising or product sales)? Also, explain what expenses will be involved and why they’re necessary for the business to survive and thrive long term.

If you want investors at your pitch meeting, it helps if their mouths are watering by the time they get to this section. The goal is not only to win them over with facts but also to excite them enough about the possibility of future success where investing makes sense from both sides. In other words, make sure there’s no doubt left in their minds that your pitch deck elements will make you successful!

Next Steps

What’s the next step for this pitch? Investors will want to know how they can get involved, that is why it is vital to make the best pitch decks as much as possible.

The most important pitch deck element is a strong team with an impressive background behind them since it’s the people who are going to be building and running this business in the future after all. No one wants their investment attached to someone who doesn’t have what it takes from a skills perspective, so having employees/founders with relevant experience or expertise is essential when looking for funding.

Ready, get set… pitch!

Now, what is a pitch deck? A pitch deck is a one-page document that concisely and visually summarizes your company’s identity, mission statement, business model, product or service offering, and financial projections in order to attract investors. It should be informative yet engaging for any audience since it will be used to pitch the idea to potential financiers who could help turn your dream into reality!

Your pitch deck is one of the most important pitch elements that will determine whether you get funding, wherein choosing a good pitch deck design would attract your investors. The right pitch deck elements can help convince investors to invest in your idea and vision, or at least provide a strong foundation on which to build it! With this, Venngage is a website that allows you to create infographics, reports, and statistical presentations by having several pitch deck design options.

Now that you know what pitch deck elements make up a successful pitch, take your idea and run with it! How to make a pitch deck and how would you make it look professional? If you need help turning your pitch deck elements into a professional pitch, Venngage has the infographic software solution for business professionals – you can check out their pitch deck samples! If done right, this is how an entrepreneur can change the world for good. Start pitching with Venngage today!

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