A Brief Sexual History of Köln

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Germany is considered to be one of the most sexually liberal places in the world, with many of its towns and cities offering a variety of bars, clubs, and escort services for those looking to indulge in sexual escapades. Köln, in particular, has a reputation as being one of the best cities for sexual tourists alongside Berlin and perhaps can offer even more than the capital. Here is a quick sexual history of this city and what you can expect from it on your visit.

Red Light Districts

Like most cities, Köln had several red-light districts that serve to satisfy those looking for escorts and other sexual services. Two of these areas, Kleine Brinkgasse and Im Stavenhof, were closed down by city authorities, despite protests and appeals from members of the public. They are now more upmarket areas, but that doesn’t mean that this city still doesn’t offer sexual services to visitors. It started to change in 1972 with the opening of the famous brothel, Pascha.


Opening in January of 1972 with the name ‘Eros Centre,’ it was the first high-rise brothel. Pascha came into existence as a result of the city wanting to get rid of the red-light districts mentioned above, and instead, they issued a license to build a brothel on the outskirts of town, away from the city center. This is how the Eros Centre came into being, later changing its name to Pascha in 1995.

Over seven floors, the rooms are rented out to sex workers, their fees covering food and healthcare costs and taxes associated with sex work in the city (aka ‘the pleasure tax’). It is open 24 hours a day, with clients paying an entry fee of 5 euros. Inside, they will meet with independent sex workers who will negotiate prices before welcoming clients into their rooms. There is also a nightclub, several bars, and a regular hotel in the building.

Unfortunately, due to sex work being banned during the COVID-19 pandemic, Pascha had to close its doors and file for bankruptcy in September 2020.

Sexual Services in Köln Now

While many people might be sad to see the end of Pascha, that doesn’t mean that the sexual services aren’t still accessible in the city. Sex in Köln is easy to find, especially when searching on trusted websites advertising escorts in the area as well as other sex workers. There are also plenty of erotic massage parlors, sex shops, strip clubs, and brothels operating in Köln. This is what still makes it one of the best destinations for sex tourists in the world, as well as offering several other excellent historical and cultural sites to see for those who are looking for something else to do when they aren’t indulging in their sexual desires.

If you are an individual who is thinking about taking a trip for a sex vacation, Köln should certainly be one of the top choices on your list. Germany, in general, is a great place for those looking to enjoy some sex tourism, and this is a great city to start in!