Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review

Stellar Photo Recovery Software Review

Ever lost photos that meant the world to you? Stellar Photo Recovery software steps in as a lifesaver for such digital mishaps. In this review, we’ll explore its features, benefits, and performance to see if it truly delivers on its promise of photo recovery magic.

Keep reading; your memories may just be a click away from coming back! 

Overview of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Nestled in the digital toolkit of a tech enthusiast, Stellar Photo Recovery Software emerges as a robust solution for those moments when your heart skips a beat upon deleting precious memories or important files.

It’s more than just a safety net; think of it as an adept digital detective that dives deep into the crevices of your computer drives, cameras, and portable storage devices to retrieve what was thought lost.

With its spectrum stretching across standard file types like JPEGs and PNGs to sophisticated RAW formats from cameras such as Nikon and GoPro, this application stands ready to tackle data recovery challenges head-on.

Crafted with both Windows and macOS users in mind, Stellar offers versatile recovery options through its three-tier plan system—Standard, Professional, and Premium—each escalating in capabilities from mere recovery to complex repairs of corrupted photos.

Whether you’re grappling with accidental deletions or facing the havoc wreaked by viruses on hard drives or SSDs, this software is engineered to navigate through these data loss scenarios efficiently.

Its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can undertake file restoration tasks without feeling overwhelmed—a testament to its design philosophy centered around simplicity fused with performance.

Who Can Benefit from Stellar Photo Recovery?

Many people can use Stellar Photo Recovery. Photographers, videographers, and graphic designers find it very helpful. It gets back lost or deleted photos and videos from cameras, SD cards, and USB sticks.

Even if you are not a pro with technology, this software is easy to use.

You might have lost your special pictures on your computer or smartphone. Or maybe you accidentally erased files from a flash drive. This program can help you get them back quickly. People who love taking photos and making videos will like what this tool can do for them.

Stellar Photo Recovery Features

Embark on a recovery journey through the robust features of Stellar Photo Recovery, where lost memories are just a click away. Dive in to discover how it can restore your cherished digital moments.

Stellar Standard

The Stellar Standard plan is like a safety net for your photos and files. It costs $49.99 each year, and with this plan, you can get back lost data or deleted items from different gadgets.

Whether you’ve lost pictures of special moments or important documents, the standard version has got you covered.

This software isn’t just easy to use; it also tells you how long it will take to find your stuff before it starts looking. Even if your device uses BitLocker to keep things safe, Stellar can still help you recover what’s missing without fuss.

Stellar Professional

Stellar Professional steps up the game for people who need more than just basic photo recovery. It’s a smart pick for those serious about salvaging their digital memories. Not only does it bring back lost photos, but it also fixes them if they’re broken.

Think about all those times you’ve seen an error message instead of your picture – Stellar Professional can make that go away.

This level is perfect for freelancers who count on photos and videos to tell stories and sell products. For $69.99 a year, users get powerful tools to undelete files from smartphones, hard disk drives, USB drives, SD cards—pretty much any storage device you can think of.

And with support for all sorts of file formats like JPEGs, PNGs, and even raw camera files, nothing gets left behind.

Stellar Premium

Stellar Premium steps up the game for those who need more than just basic recovery. Priced at $69.99 a year, it’s like having a professional fixer for your digital memories. This plan isn’t just about getting back lost photos; it repairs corrupted video files too.

Think of all the times videos get messed up—maybe they won’t play or their sound is gone. Stellar Premium takes on these tough problems.

For tech fans who love to capture every moment, this software is a lifesaver. You can recover all sorts of files from cameras, laptops, and even Android devices. The advanced features make sure you get your pictures and videos back in top shape.

If you shoot RAW files or work with fancy graphic formats, don’t worry; Stellar Premium has got that covered as well. Just head over to their website if you want to dive deeper into what this plan offers!

Usability of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

Stellar Photo Recovery software makes it easy for anyone to get back lost pictures and files. Whether you are new to computers or know a lot about them, this tool helps you without trouble.

You just install it on your PC or Mac, then follow simple steps to find your missing stuff.

This software can look through different types of drives, like flash drives, memory cards from digital cameras, and even iPods and MP3/MP4 players. If you accidentally deleted something or if something went wrong with your device, Stellar Photo Recovery tries its best to fix the problem and save your photos and videos.

It’s especially good for people who work alone, like freelancers, because it does not cost much and is easy to use.

Pros and Cons of Stellar Photo Recovery Software

When considering Stellar Photo Recovery Software, it is crucial to weigh its advantages and shortcomings to determine if it’s the right fit for your data recovery needs. Below is a table highlighting the pros and cons for tech enthusiasts seeking an honest assessment.



Recovers a wide variety of file types from multiple devices.

Limited functionality in the free trial version.

Offers plans tailored to different user needs, enhancing flexibility.

Higher plans can be costly for individual users.

User-friendly interface simplifies data recovery for non-technical users.

Deep scan options can be time-consuming.

Free trial available to preview recoverable files before purchase.

Recovery speed might vary based on system performance.

Repair feature for corrupted photos and videos is a valuable add-on.

May not cater to all the advanced needs of large enterprise setups.

24/5 customer support ensures help is readily available.

Some users report a steep learning curve for advanced features.

Diverse recovery options cater to freelancers and creative professionals, making Stellar a strong contender in the data recovery market. However, potential buyers must consider the cost-benefit aspect, especially when dealing with extensive data recovery situations.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Stellar Photo Recovery software makes getting back lost pictures easy. It has a simple design that anyone can understand. When you open it, you’ll see clear choices to pick what kind of file recovery you need.

You can find digital photos and other files without trouble.

The program tells you how long it might take to get your files back. This lets you choose the most important ones first. Even if this is your first time using data recovery software, Stellar guides you through each step.

With just a few clicks, you start scans for missing files or look at what can be recovered before buying the full version.

System Requirements for Stellar Photo Recovery

To get Stellar Photo Recovery working on your computer, you need to make sure it meets certain needs. This will help the software run smoothly and recover your photos quickly.

  • Your computer should have at least an Intel processor. It can be x64 or x86.
  • You need a minimum of 4GB memory, but 8GB is better for best performance.
  • Make sure there’s at least 250MB of free space for the software to install.
  • The software works with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7. It also runs on Macs.
  • For Mac users, The last supported macOS is OS X El Capitan.
  • Personal computers with hard disks and external storage devices like HDDs, DVDs, and SDHC cards are compatible.
  • If you use digital files in different formats like PNG images or Photoshop files, this software can handle them.
  • Stellar supports many photo and video formats. These include JPEGs, TIFFs, QuickTime files, and more.
  • Your device should be able to read various file systems such as FAT, ExFAT, and NTFS for Windows. For Macs, it supports HFS+.
  • Installation requires downloading from the internet. So you’ll need a stable connection.

Customer Support Review

Stellar Photo Recovery knows that losing photos can be stressful. They have a team ready to help you out. You can reach them through email or over the phone. People say they are friendly and know their stuff.

They will walk you through the steps to get your pictures back.

If you hit a problem, don’t worry! Stellar’s support team has got your back day or night. And if you’re not sure about buying, there’s good news! You can try out the software for free first.

This way, you scan and see what lost files you can save before spending any money on it.

Pricing Details of Stellar Photo Recovery

Understanding the value for money is crucial when investing in software solutions. Here are the pricing details for Stellar Photo Recovery, laid out in an easy-to-read format.



Photo Recovery

Recover from BitLocker Encrypted Devices

Repair Corrupted Photos

Repair Corrupted Videos



















Each tier provides different features, accommodating a range of needs and budgets. The Standard plan focuses on pure recovery, perfect for those who need to retrieve lost data. Users needing to fix corrupted photos find the Professional plan suitable. Those requiring the full suite of recovery and repair for both photos and videos should consider the Premium package. A free trial offers a sneak peek, allowing scans and previews before commitment. Overall, price points reflect the software’s versatility and sophisticated capabilities.

Final Verdict

Stellar Photo Recovery shines as a great tool. It helps get back lost photos and files, easy for anyone to use. For creative pros who need their work safe, it’s worth checking out.

With a free trial to start, there’s nothing to lose! Stellar makes sure your memories aren’t gone for good.


So, that’s our take on Stellar Photo Recovery. It’s a handy tool for getting back lost photos and files. Easy to use and with different plans, there’s something for everyone. Give it a try—see how it works for you! If you’ve ever lost precious memories or important work, this could be your solution.