Tips to Break Generational Cycle of Abuse while Parenting Children?

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Parenting is difficult because, on the one hand, parents want the best for their children no matter what, and on the other hand, this is new territory for them, and they are often unsure of how to go. For a parent, it is natural to want to protect their child from all forms of suffering and trauma, yet they can occasionally make their child’s upbringing traumatizing for them – through no fault of their own.

The times, however, are changing. The process is becoming more inclusive as individuals begin to discuss the proper methods of parenting and how they can raise their children without causing them to experience trauma, pain, or suffering.

Psychologist Jazmine McCoy, also known as the Mom Psychologist on Instagram, is always addressing parenting difficulties and offering tips and tactics for acing the game. Jazmine just published a new essay on how to break the generational cycle of violence during parenting, outlining the tiny measures that parents may do on a daily basis:

Apologizing: Part of the generational cycle of abuse is assuming that the child is always incorrect. Breaking the pattern also entails apologizing to the child and admitting responsibility for our errors.

Acceptance of their feelings: Accept their emotions and offer a space for them to express themselves by being more accepting to their conversations and thoughts.

Boundaries: Just like adults, children have their own set of rules. It’s preferable to respect their boundaries and allow them have them.

Teaching consent: It is critical to begin teaching children the concept of consent at an early age.

Saying words of love: Expressing love through actions help parents connect with their children more.

No physical punishment: Do not spank or strike your children. As a result, there is a greater gap between the child and the parent.

Emotional management: It is advisable to apologize to the children and reconnect with them in the case of difficult parenting.

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