WhatsApp Users to Get New ‘Expiring Media’ Feature

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The WhatsApp app keeps new updates as per the needs of users. In the coming days, there are many work features to be added. Meanwhile, the company has started testing another new “expiring media” feature. Its main thing is that as soon as the user once watches a media file such as photos, videos, giraffes, or others, these will disappear from the phone.

WaBetaInfo, a website that tracks the WhatsApp feature, has shared a screenshot of this feature. According to the report, the media files sent through the “expiring media” feature will disappear as soon as the recipient is removed from the chat window.

This feature will work like this

This feature can be accessed through a dedicated timer button. The user will have to tap on that button to add the media file to the chat. Thereafter, the selected media files will become an umpire.

The WhatsApp will highlight such media files through the timer icon and will let the user know that the files shared after leaving the chat will disappear.

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According to WABetaInfo, these features are in the development stage. Initially, this feature can be released to an android user, later it can also be released for iPhone. To know more about WhatsApp GB, you can follow The Bulletin Time.

Snapchat, Instagram feature

WhatsApp’s “expiring media” feature is like Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram allows the user to send disappealing photos and videos through direct messages. The Instagram group also allows the user to send missing media files. However, no such feature exists for the group user on WhatsApp at present.