Working from Home? 5 Tips to Manage Your Migraine

Image by Lukas Bieri from Pixabay.

Migraine is a devastating neurological condition that routinely ranks among the top 10 causes of years spent disabled around the world. A lasting headache is the most common symptom of migraine, although other symptoms include strong pain on one side of the head or pulsating pain, sensitivity to light and sound, and nausea. Despite the fact that it is a fairly prevalent headache problem that affects around 15% of the adult population worldwide, it is still poorly understood and mostly ignored.

While migraine is a painless ailment, it can have a significant influence on people’s personal, professional, and social lives, lowering their overall quality of life and productivity. Work-from-home, sometimes known as the “new normal,” has had a significant impact on the lives of migraine sufferers, ranging from difficulty concentrating at work to missed workdays. It’s become even more critical to ensure that people have the knowledge and tools they need to effectively manage migraines.

Here are 5 methods for dealing with migraines when working from home:

Identify risks and keep an eye on potential triggers

A person at any age can be a patient of migraines. But the headache can be the most common during a person’s prime working years. Also, women aged between 25 and 55 might be struck three times more than men.

Working from home during the long period of the Covid-19 pandemic, migraines could happen frequently. Since the people who have been working from home engaging with irregular food habits, screen time, and disrupted sleep routines. These habits can trigger their stress levels. Migraine sufferers may face these triggers due to these changes in their lifestyle.

Make the best choice of diet and lifestyle

We all know working from home is challenging, but sticking to a regular schedule is hard. So, try to stay fit physically and mentally to avoid migraines. If you try to maintain eating healthy meals at the right times throughout the day, you will get benefits.

Taking regular breaks from work will help you eat better and prevent eye strain caused by excessive use of the screen on your electronic device. To manage the migraines, you also can make changes in your lifestyle. Quitting smoking and drinking less alcohol, as well as keeping good sleeping patterns and exercising regularly will be helpful for you to manage migraines.

Talk to an expert

You may have severe headaches that force you to stop your everyday activities. In this situation, you should seek medical advice.

lack of time due to demanding work-from-home schedules, or, most recently, a decrease in in-person clinic appointments due to concerns about Covid-19 infection. However, seeing a neurologist, even through teleconsultations, is vital to assess your problem and learn about the various choices for acute and chronic migraine management, including preventive medication. Neurologists can advise you on the best appropriate treatment approach to prevent or minimize your migraine episodes based on evidence-based information on outcomes such as migraine intensity reduction, quality of life, and ease of usage.

Keep track of your migraines

Maintaining a diary (or using a migraine tracker app) to note the duration and severity of your migraine episodes, symptoms, daily diet, exercise routines, medications, and side effects is a good idea. This can aid in the detection of triggers and trends. It can also spark valuable discussions with your doctor, resulting in a more comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your work schedule.

Seek help from family, friends, or coworkers

Migraine sufferers often feel helpless, disturbed, and misunderstood. However, speaking with your friends and family will help them better comprehend your situation. It’s a good idea to talk to your boss about your migraines, especially if you want to work out a plan with specific routine alterations to reduce triggers. While working from home, can help you stay productive and healthy. Employers can also take the lead by organizing wellness programs for their employees to raise knowledge about migraines and how to manage them efficiently at work while also increasing productivity.

Migraine attacks can be difficult to deal with. After contacting a neurologist, changes to your daily routine and open communication about your illness with your employer can help you better manage migraines while working from home.

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