Wristwatch: How to wear it correctly?

Wrist Watch wearing Woman

There are wristwatches of different styles and sizes that can be used as a functional accessory or as a jewel that adds style and favors both men and women. Although it is acceptable to use it for almost any occasion, there are some basic guidelines for choosing the most appropriate wristwatch. These guidelines focus on what type of watch is most appropriate for each situation and environment, how to combine it with an outfit and how to use it in the right way.

Wear a wristwatch correctly:

  1. Do not wear a wristwatch if it is too large. Normally, the clock face is measured in millimeters. A men’s watch usually measures between 34 and 50 mm, although they can be larger. However, it is not advisable to use a watch with a face that measures more than 50 mm. The standard size for an ideal watch, for both men and women, should be between 34 and 40 mm.

  2. Decide on which wrist you will use the watch. There is no “right” side. Choose on which doll you will feel more comfortable and without harming your movements. Usually, people prefer to use it on the non-dominant hand, since it would be uncomfortable to write with a watch on their wrist.

  3. Wear the watch next to the wrist boneMake sure the face is just next to the outward wrist bone (ulna or ulna). When standing, the sleeve of your shirt should cover the watch completely or almost completely. If you wear a long-sleeved shirt, the watch should only be visible when you flex the arm. Never wear the watch over the shirt sleeve.

WristwatchUse a strap that fits you well. A watch should look comfortable and natural, and should never have a careless appearance. It may be necessary to adjust the strap so that it does not cause wrist discomfort, which changes size slightly when moving.

  1. Some watches, such as dress and sports, are fastened with a tip and notch buckle, which allows you to adjust the size to a larger or smaller one as needed.

  2. Casual or formal watches are fastened more complicatedly. This system requires adding or removing parts (such as links) from the belt. Consult the manual or ask a jeweler for help or advice on how to adjust the size of your watch strap.

  3. A man should not wear a wristwatch that is loose. This should only be able to move a couple of centimeters to each side when the wrist moves. In addition, the clock face should not slide to the sides of the wrist. Generally, it should be possible to insert a finger between the wrist and the watch strap, and in doing so, the strap should be snug.

  4. A wristwatch should not be worn too tight. If the strap leaves a mark on the skin, it means that it is too tight and it is necessary to release it a bit.

  5. On the other hand, a women’s wristwatch can be worn tight or loose, as if it were a bracelet.

Choose the right wristwatch for the occasion:

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Combine the watch with your shoes. Normally, if you are going to wear dress shoes, it is most appropriate to wear a dress watch. Also, if you are going to wear sneakers, then it is most appropriate to wear a sports watch. On the other hand, if your shoes do not completely dress or sports, such as a pair of boots, nautical shoes or sandals, the most appropriate is to wear a casual watch.Choose a watch that you can wear daily and that combines with casual clothes. The watch you wear every day should be neutral and durable. It must be made for use while doing daily activities, such as going to work, attending casual social gatherings and running errands. Stainless steel is a fairly common and popular material for this type of watch since it gives it a neutral and resistant appearance. On the other hand, some of the alternatives include materials such as plastic.
Use a formal watch to attend events with a formal dress code. Some examples are weddings, baptisms, funerals, formal dinners, opera or theater presentations, among others. A formal watch adds a final touch to an elegant outfit.

  1. Formal watches are usually made of some precious metal (silver, gold or platinum), depending on the brand and materials.

  2. Many people prefer to wear a formal watch of the same metallic tone as the rest of their jewelry or accessories. For example, it is possible for a woman wearing a platinum necklace to prefer a platinum, silver or white gold watch, while a man with gold cufflinks or cufflinks will prefer to wear a watch of the same material.

  3. Formal watches can be incredibly expensive and give the wearer a certain social status. If your budget is not enough to get a good one, it may be better if you just don’t buy a formal watch, since a cheap one could make a bad impression. Remember that it is not necessary to use a watch for these types of occasions.

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