Apes Given Covid-19 Vaccines after Outbreak at San Diego Zoo

Photo: AP

Nine great apes were given an experimental Covid-19 vaccine at San Diego zoo. This was reported by the media BBC.

Several cattle in the cattle category of the San Diego Zoo in California, U.S.A., have been given a job incarnated by Zoetis, an animal pharmaceutical company.

Five bonobos and four orangutans, the first great apes at the American zoo, received jabs against the disease in January and February.

The animals were given two doses of an experimental vaccine developed by the US veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis for use in animals. The authorities could also use the vaccine on mink, cats and dogs.

Earlier, the bronze zoo in New York also caught the body of other animals, including lion tigers. In addition, the Cononavirus is also found in the lions of the Barcelona Zoo in Spain.

Rights activists have been vocal about animal diseases and their treatment since the beginning of the epidemic.

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance conservation officer Nedin Lambersky expressed special concern over rare species of cattle.