ArticleIFY Celebrates Its Second Birthday

Articleify second anniversary

ArticleIFY is celebrating its second anniversary on Monday (September 27) with the theme of “Enlight Your Creative World”.

It started as a blogging platform on the very day in 2019 with a slogan of IFY — I feel you.

But at present, it is flourishing wings to its readers worldwide. Additionally, it is expected that it will keep the trust of its readers and continue the journey with this support in the future.

Moreover, it welcomes writings from new bees and different quarters of the world.

Doing a splendid journey in the area in these two years, ArticleIFY has been able to get approval from Google News on September 23.

Celebrating the second anniversary, ArticleIFY congratulates its readers, admirers, well-wishers, and comrades.

Happy Birthday, ArticleIFY!