Biden Calls for “Pause” in Israel-Gaza Conflict to Evacuate Hostages

Israel-Gaza Conflict
Photo Credit: CNN

President Joe Biden said Wednesday night he believes there should be a “pause” in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza in order to evacuate hostages, according to a reporter’s account of a campaign fundraiser.

Biden’s call for a pause came in response to a heckler who interrupted his speech to demand a ceasefire. The president told the heckler “I think we need a pause” and clarified he meant to “give time to get the [hostages] out.” In addition, you can also read an article on- Netanyahu Apologizes for Blaming Security Services in Wake of Hamas Attack

Biden’s Remarks Appear Inconsistent With White House Stance

The president’s remarks appear inconsistent with the position the White House has maintained since fighting erupted last week. The administration has said it will not pressure Israel on how to respond to rocket attacks launched by Hamas against Israeli civilians.

“Hamas is a terrorist organization — a flat-out terrorist organization,” Biden reiterated Wednesday night.

A White House official later tried to downplay any discrepancy between Biden’s “pause” comments and the administration’s stance. The official suggested Biden was referring to a temporary halt in May to free two Americans held hostage. Additionally, you can also read about- Hamas Frees Two US Civilians Among Hundreds Held Hostage in Gaza

U.S. Recently Called for “Humanitarian Pause” in Gaza Fighting

In recent days the United States had advocated for a limited and temporary “humanitarian pause” in fighting to allow aid into Gaza and let civilians leave safely. However, this would differ from the comprehensive ceasefire demanded by the heckler on Wednesday night.

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