How to Build a Personalized Jewelry Collection for Work?

Jewelry Collection
Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay

When starting a new job buying quality jewelry to wear to work can seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult figuring out where to start. You may have jewelry that isn’t appropriate for workplace attire, or maybe you don’t even have any at all. It can be hard to know where to start or even know what is appropriate. When it comes to choosing jewelry to match your work attire, a few simple tips can help:

-Make sure it isn’t noisy. If your bracelets are clinking together or your earrings are tinkling, they likely aren’t a good option for the workplace. The noise they wear can be distracting to yourself or even others.

-Quality over quantity. When just starting out a jewelry collection for the workplace, focus on the quality of the pieces. Get 1-3 pairs of earrings made of good materials such as quality metals or pearls that aren’t too big. From there, build on to your collection.

-Avoid bling. While it can be tempting to wear big, shining pieces of jewelry, like dangling diamond earrings, into the office, avoid it if you can. They take away from the professionality of your look, and can also be distracting.

-Wear a watch. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just simple. This will communicate to others that you are responsible and aware of the time.

-Have a set of real or faux pearls for when you don’t know what to wear. Pearls look nice both at events and in the workplace and help you to present yourself well. If you don’t want to wear pearls, you can also go for a basic silver or gold necklace.

-Don’t be afraid to show personality. While it is important to remain professional, there is still room to allow who you are to shine through. Feel free to experiment with size and color. Here are some ideas of jewelry you can use to show personality:

Statement rings

Make sure it is of good quality and not over the top. Done right, it can add a nice bit of flair to your outfit and say a bit about you.

Stackable rings

You can find these with everything ranging from initials to gemstones on them. Find a mix that you like and create a personalized stack.

Signet rings

These rings offer a small, subtle way to say something about yourself.

Short, colorful necklaces

 These can add a pop of color to your outfit and can be found at the mall or on Etsy.

Pendant necklaces

Can be layered or left on their own to add a subtle touch to your outfit.

-Don’t fall into a rut. Make a point to put your jewelry away. Otherwise, people tend to grab what’s sitting out and wear the same pieces over and over again. By intentionally choosing your jewelry, you are allowing yourself to create a signature look for yourself every single day and make sure all your jewelry gets used.