How to Remove Recycle Bin from Your Desktop in Windows?

Recycle Bin

Do you know how to remove the recycle bin from your desktop on Windows? By reading this article, you can follow some steps to do it.

When we delete a file from our computer, actually this is not permanently deleted at the moment. But instead goes to the recycle bin. In a few words and trying to summarize it slightly it is a “Folder” where all the files we delete go and remain temporarily in it called Recycle Bin.

This is very positive since in case we had deleted something by mistake we can recover it by simply entering the trash can and right-clicking on the file deleted by mistake and then choosing the “Recover” option.

However, you may not want to have the trash for some reason on your desktop so this article will be very useful since we will see how to delete the recycle bin from the Windows desktop. To get the best thepcguides regularly, you can follow them.

How to Remove Recycle Bin from the Desktop

  • The first thing you have to do is click on “Start” in the lower left.
  • After this, you have to write “Desktop Icons” and then enter.
  • Then you will go to the right sidebar and you have to click on “Desktop Icon Settings”.
  • A pop-up window opens where you will be able to see icons such as “This equipment”, “Network” and “Recycle Bin”. What you have to do is at the top uncheck “Recycle Bin” so that it no longer appears in the desk.
  • After this, simply click on “Apply” and then on “Accept”.

After doing that you will no longer see the recycle bin on the Windows desktop. What you should keep in mind is that deleting the trash from the Windows desktop does not deactivate its function.

This means that every time you delete something from Windows everything will remain in the trash until you decide to empty it. To be able to put the trash on the desk again you have to follow the same steps that we leave you above. But instead of unchecking the trash option you will have to mark it.

Generally, we do not recommend that you delete the trash from the desktop since the icon itself is not annoying at all and it is advisable to have it on hand to empty it every so often.

In case you don’t empty the trash and want to delete a good number of files to recover disk space. You won’t be able to do it until the bin is empty.

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