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How to Soften Leather?

How to Soften Leather
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Don’t let tight shoes pinch your toes—read on for the best tips on how to soften leather.

When fresh out of the box, leather shoes can be very stiff and hard to wear. Although the best way to soften leather shoes is to wear them gradually, you can speed up the process and minimize discomfort by gently softening the leather using other methods.

Here are our top tips on how to soften hard leather to prevent rubbing or blistering.

How to Soften Cowhide: your Guide to Ready-to-wear Footwear

Do you want to show off your new shoes, but are you afraid of getting blisters? Here are our top tips for softening up leather boots and shoes!

1. How to Soften Rawhide?

Take many short outings with your new shoes. This is the best way to prepare leather footwear for daily use. Wear the shoes to take out the trash or if you’re taking a quick trip to the post office. Plenty of short outings will allow your feet to get used to the new leather shoes.

2. How Shoe Leather Softens?

Do you remember when your mom made you wear your school shoes at home before school started? This is a great way to break in hard leather shoes. – Wear thick socks.

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Put on your shoes.

Walk around the house in your new shoes.

3. How to Soften Parched Leather with a Hair Dryer?

Apply a short burst of heat (about 20 seconds is best) to the tightest, most complex areas of your shoes.

Wear a super-thick pair of socks and slide your foot into the shoe.

Wear the shoes around the house until the leather is cool to the touch.

4. How Leather is Softened Using Padding?

– Stuff the boots and leather shoes with damp newspaper.

Tear off a few pages from a journal and roll them into a ball after moistening them a bit.

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Put them inside your boots or shoes. Leave the paper on for around 24 hours, and when you remove it, the leather will have softened.