4 Best Ways on How to Stretch a Hat

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Hats have become a staple fashion head accessory that can go with any outfit in any season. But they need some tender loving care as they shrink over time, especially if you wash them. If you feel that your hat has gotten tighter, here are some effective ways to stretch it. Read on.

Trying It On First 

Before getting a hat, the first and foremost thing to do is trying on a hat that suits your head well. Choose a hat that is not too tight or not too loose. One of the fool-proof tricks in determining the perfect hat size is to fit one finger between the hat and the head. If your finger fits, then you have the right hat size.

Wear It

This way maybe the easiest thing to do. Using your hat frequently will eventually stretch its size. It is ideal to do this at home to not have an awkward tight-hat moment outside. You can also gently expand the hat using your hands. Just make sure not to make it too loose or not tear it.

Spray It

If wearing your hat all the time won’t work, it’s time to get some water and a blowdryer. This may be uncomfortable for some, but it is the simplest thing to do for you hat. This method works well for straw hats, a baseball cap, a felt hat, etc. All you need for this is a spray bottle of water and a blowdryer. 

Fill the spray bottle with lukewarm water. Then, spritz the hat inside and outside, including the crown and the inside band. Make sure not to soak the hat as it may damage the material. You also don’t need to wet the brim, as it doesn’t shrink, and some materials shouldn’t be wet like the cardboard in a baseball cap.

After the first step, get your blow dryer and start drying your hat. Keep blow drying until the hat is dry, but make sure the wetness can still be seen. Turn off the blow dryer, put it on your head, and let it air dry. This will aid in stretching the hat and mold to the shape of your head.


Steaming is also another effective way of stretching your hat as it loosens its natural fibers. First, you have to boil some water in a pot or kettle. Next, hold the brim of your hat firmly and angle it to six inches away from the steam. Hold the hat for a minute until the steam enters its inside band. Remove the hat after 30 seconds, and repeat this process four times. 

Once you’re done, get your blow dryer. Turn it to its highest setting and blowdry until the hat is almost dry. Wear the hat when it’s mildly damp and let it air dry. 

Stretching Made Easy

These are only some of the simple techniques in stretching your hat. You don’t need to throw away your tight hat and buy a new one! Hopefully, these ways are also helpful in future situations.

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