Manual Time Tracking is Costing You, A Clock in And Out App Can Help

Manual Time Tracking
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For any business, the bottom line is the most important thing to consider because it determines whether the company can operate or not. If you’re constantly running in the red due to poor management, overages, lost productivity, and unnecessary expenses, then you likely need to make some updates. One of the best ways to update your business is to move away from manual team time tracking and switch to a clock in and out app.

One of the most significant causes of lost revenue is the inefficiencies caused by manual time tracking and data entry. A modern clock in and out app automates most of the processes and can eliminate many of the issues that lead to lost productivity, wasted time, and revenue.

Simplified Clock-in Saves Time

A complicated clock in process makes employees begrudge the process and results in a lot of wasted time during the day, particularly if they have to use one location or the locations are inconvenient.

Multiple punches every day, for clocking in and out for breaks and other reasons, can add up to a lot of wasted time where employees aren’t able to be doing their job. In fact, the clock in process can be disruptive to the point where employees would prefer not to clock out for breaks as it disrupts workflow.

A clock in and out app is not only simple; it can be used from almost anywhere, meaning that employees can go to their workstation, clock in, and get immediately to work. It also makes it easier to clock back out for breaks, meaning no unintentional labor law violations, which can be a significant issue and cost businesses loads of money.

Accurate Timesheets Save Money

The problem with manual timesheet management is that it relies on employees to fill out and hand in their timesheets for processing at the end of the week. Not only does this slow down the speed of processing, since each employee fills out their timesheet at their own pace and then it must be deciphered by payroll, but there are also often inaccuracies that have to be sorted through.

Manual data entry is, by nature, fraught with errors. This can occur when an employee fills out their timesheet or even by payroll when processing all the data. The trouble with these errors is that they have to be corrected, and it takes even more time and money to do so and can delay payments to employees and lead to poor morale or even employee disputes.

An easy time tracking app makes sure that timesheets are accurate by automating the entire data collection process. Hours, pay rates, and overtime is calculated to the minute and sent directly to payroll for processing. This means no mistakes, which saves money, accurate payments, which saves money, and faster payouts which lead to happier and more productive employees.

Automatic Timekeeping Eliminates Time Theft

One of the more fraudulent ways that many businesses lose money is through the inability to oversee employees, which leads to time theft. This can be simply through employees being unproductive while on the job clock, not performing their duties, handling personal business, or just plain wasting time, or by more direct means such as buddy punching.

Buddy punching is when one employee clocks in for another who is not there or is late. This leads to a ton of wasted time and productivity and ultimately means paying wages for employees who aren’t working.

A time and attendance app makes that impossible. This is because each employee’s clock in is unique to them. The clock in and out app automatically tracks attendance and can tell you who is or is not working. It is easier to handle absentee issues and makes corrections if employees are unproductive. The money saved in improved productivity due to eliminating time fraud can be quite a bit when carried over the entire workforce over time.

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