Tragic Loss for Tustin as Massive Fire Destroys Historic WWII Blimp Hangar

Tustin Blimp Hangar Fire
Photo Credit: Reddit

In a tragic loss for the city of Tustin, a massive fire destroyed one of two historic blimp hangars at the former Marine Corps Air Station on Tuesday night. The 17-story, 300-foot wide wooden structure, built in 1942 to house blimps during WWII, was deemed an important historic landmark. Despite efforts by dozens of firefighters and helicopters, the flames engulfed the enormous hangar and it collapsed. Investigators are looking into the cause.

Longtime Tustin residents were saddened to see the iconic hangar, a fixture of the city’s skyline for generations, destroyed. Many recalled playing near the hangars as children and expressed disappointment over the loss of such an important part of the city’s history. There is also concern over potential health hazards from the large structure’s burn. In addition, you can also read an article on- Study Finds North Greenland Ice Shelves Have Lost Over a Third of Volume Since 1978

Fire Crews Faced Major Challenges Battling Blaze in Massive Hangar

The fire was first reported around 1am Tuesday. Crews found flames bursting through the wooden roof. The lack of operating water supply inside the inactive structure posed challenges. Firefighters created an over 1,000 foot hose system from external hydrants. Helicopters dropped water to help control the raging fire inside the cavernous hangar. Despite these efforts, the historic structure was declared a total loss around 10pm. Additionally, you can also read about- Over 150 Dead After 5.6 Earthquake Strikes Remote Region of Nepal

Investigation Underway Into Cause of Devastating Hangar Fire 

Arson investigators from Orange County Fire Authority are working with Tustin Police to determine the origin and cause of the destructive hangar fire. The 1,000+ foot long, 17-story tall wooden structure presented unique hazards and difficulties for crews. With the shutoff water system inside the unused hangar, firefighters struggled to contain the flames. The loss of such a large historic landmark has shocked Tustin residents. Authorities hope examining the rubble will reveal clues to how the blaze began.

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