Nissan and the Power of Technology

Nissan automobile
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Nissan offers an infinite number of technological solutions so that electrification is democratized and maintains the highest level of safety for the driver and passengers.

Nissan has been developing smart solutions for mobility for many years. All its models are incorporating them, but today we want to highlight four milestones, four crucial elements that will revolutionize the new era of automobile electrification.

Mechanics: The e-4ORCE, the new 4×4 arrives

The new Nissan Ariya will debut this year with the name e-4ORCE. It is an argument to identify the brand’s 4×4 models. Nissan has traditionally been the bulwark of the all-rounder world and with the e-4ORCE the entry of electrification into the segment is staged. From the Ariya, all models that have all-wheel drive and that are electric will have this name.

With this system the brand focuses on seeking maximum comfort while optimizing performance and safety. The e-4ORCE will have two electric motors, one on each axis. The Ariya will arrive with five mechanical options in Europe. The all-wheel drive variants will be the e-4ORCE 63 kWh and e-4ORCE 87 kWh, which will mount the same batteries as the front-wheel drive range and will offer 340 and 460 kilometers of autonomy and a power that will amount to 217 hp and 242 hp, up to 278 hp and 305 hp, respectively.

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Electrification: 10 years of Nissan Leaf

The icon with which Nissan began to democratize electrification is called the Nissan Leaf. Chosen “Car of the Year” in Europe in 2011, the 100% electric model of the Japanese brand celebrates 10 years in the market and is one of the benchmarks in the segment. His initial proposal equipped a 110 hp electric motor powered by a 24 kWh capacity battery. This configuration gave it an electric range of up to 175 kilometers.

In 2013 it received an update and added autonomy achieving 199 kilometers. In 2016 it added a 30kWh battery to deliver 250 kilometers of range. With the second generation of the Leaf in 2017 there was an exponential leap in both performance and autonomy. New 40 kWh battery and a 150 hp engine, with a range of up to 370 kilometers (NEDC). A Leaf e+ version in 2019 (62 kWh) gave it 217 hp and up to 528 kilometers of autonomy in the city.

Autonomous car: ProPILOT and total safety

Nissan has been working on the autonomous car steadily in recent years. The ProPILOT system is now in its second generation and allows the driver to be guaranteed extra safety. It helps maintain track on the highway and combines autonomous vehicle elements. This system connects to the navigation system to help the vehicle maintain a predetermined route, it even allows driving in the same lane without taking the wheel.

The system also offers assistance in overtaking, lane changes and merging onto highways. When the vehicle approaches a junction or when we find a car that is slower ahead, the system analyzes the most appropriate options in the environment to proceed with the maneuver. To do this, it uses the information detected in real time by the navigation system and the 360-degree sensors present in the vehicle. It also analyzes the driver’s level of attention and offers visual and audio aids to provide the greatest range of safety at the wheel.

Electronics: E-Pedal, the best ‘all in one’

Brake and accelerate with the same pedal and always in electric mode. That is the philosophy of this technology. It is connected from a control in the center console and only the accelerator pedal is used to perform both functions. The system accelerates, decelerates, stops the vehicle and turns on the brake lights the moment we stop pressing the accelerator and the E-Pedal starts working. The engine slows down until the brakes finally come on to bring the car to a complete stop. In the second generation of the Nissan Leaf this system was released and can be combined with the ProPILOT and ProPILOT Park. Apart from this, do you want to download the Kingroot apk

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