Arifureta Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Updates 2021

Arifureta season 2
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Arifureta Season 2 is a sequel of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou, a modern anime that contains nothing but the typical isekai cliches. It simply takes a slightly different approach compared to other similar anime. Instead of focusing on world-building, it develops its plot through the development of the main character. The plot of Arifureta Season 2 is, naturally, pretty standard, and there’s nothing interesting if you’re already familiar with most isekai anime. But the intense main character development is something that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Most fans complain about the terribly slow pacing compared to the manga. But considering that the series has only 13 episodes, you can tell that the makers are trying to make the most of this limited time.

As for the technical aspect of the series, the animation quality is quite good and remains the same in all the episodes that have been aired so far. The fight scenes are quite entertaining, but may not appeal to everyone due to the large amount of blood and gore. The music goes unnoticed for the most part, and even the opening and closing themes are just regular. Interestingly, despite the pacing issues, episode 6 is a complete rehash and brings nothing new to the story. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why fans of the manga complain about it.

Overall, Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou is an anime with a lot of potential that could have easily been one of the best modern isekai. But, unfortunately, it fails in many of its elements. Hopefully it will improve as the seasons go on. Speaking of which, for more information on the second season, read the next section. The producers have greenlit the second season, and here’s everything you need to know.

The anime has been renewed for Arifureta season 2

The creators have already renewed the series for Arifureta season 2. After the success of the first season, the producers were quick to renew the series for a new edition. However, it has been almost a year since we watched the first season. So, when will Arifureta season 2 premiere? We bring here the details of the series for you so that interested fans can know everything about the second season.

Arifureta Season 2 Release date

The creators have not yet announced the official premiere date of the second season of Arifureta. Social media is full of fan reviews, but none of this news has been confirmed by the creators. According to the latest reports, the production of the second season is underway. The showrunners have confirmed that the second season will premiere in 2021. So we can expect it for winter 2021. The second season of Arifureta will be officially available on Hulu.

Arifureta season 2 trailer

The season trailer is not yet available. For now, you can watch the trailer of the first season.

Arifureta second season cast

We still don’t have official information about the new cast of Arifureta season 2, but we can speculate about who might return. Here’s a list of possible returning actors. However, we assume that the main characters will reprise their roles and that the voice actors from the first season will join the cast to increase the intensity of the second season. Apart from this, if you are interested to know about homeland cast, you can take help from Google

Arifureta season 2 plot

So far, there is no detailed information about the plot of the second season of Arifureta. But we can get a rough idea of what it will be based on where the first season left off and current source material. According to several Arifureta enthusiasts on Reddit, the first season of the feature film altered the first four volumes of Arifureta fic.

Ten volumes of the fictional novel “Arifureta” have been announced, and another six volumes will be transferred, possibly replaced by a novella. At the end of the Arifureta season 1, our hero Hajime often talked about his transformation from an abusive otaku to a poor boy addicted to threats. At the end of the season, Hajime and his friends took the magician Yukitoshi Shimizu with them to confront the monsters that had invaded Tortus.

The fifth volume of the anime takes place after the fall of Shimiziu, and Hajime and his companions embark on a long journey to the coastal city of Erisen. Along the way, they discover a strange disease that is wiping out the population and seek a cure for it. As for Hajime’s personal life, just like in the other anime, he was involved in an active tug-of-war with his main love interest, Yue.

There could be Arifureta season 2 if they work on it, but the series could also go on for a few more seasons.

Characters of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

Hajime Nagumo, the protagonist of the series, is betrayed by one of his teammates and falls into the abyss. It is then that he begins his journey to the top, training hard to turn his weaknesses into virtues. At first, he was a weak and shy boy who was always bullied by his classmates. But even then, he still had a soft and gentle heart and was willing to do anything to keep others out of trouble. He says that it is quite easy to fight evil when you are already strong, but when you are weak, it takes a lot of courage to keep fighting.

His classmates often tease him for putting his hobby before everything else, but he always sticks to the “hobby first” rule. However, after being betrayed by his own classmate, he goes down a dark path that gradually leads him to madness. He soon transforms into a ruthless killer ready to destroy anyone who stands in his way. After this transformation, he gains a lot of courage and smiles in the face of danger. But even after all this, even though he seems completely ruthless on the outside, he still cares about his companions and still has some humanity left in him.

Kaori Shirasaki is one of the few Japanese students called to Totus. She has been in love with Hajime since high school and loves his strong will. After her fall into the abyss, she becomes stronger so that it won’t happen again. She cares a lot about all her friends. Most of the time, she does nefarious things without thinking about where she is. She also doesn’t realize that many boys have a crush on her. She also tries to be an otaku like Hajime to impress him, and even asks him what his favorite anime and manga are. She is a typical anime girl, with long black hair and big brown eyes.

Tio Klarus, also spelled Tio Klarus, is one of the main characters in the series. She is a masochistic pervert with an ancient way of communicating. Her twisted antics only get worse as the series progresses. Her appearance suggests she’s in her early 20s, but she’s probably much older. Her dragon form is huge, reaching 2 meters tall with black scales. She can be wicked most of the time, but gives good advice when necessary. She is very loyal to Hajime and even fell in love with him much later. Despite her blatant perversity, she is also easily embarrassed. She has a long list of weapons, skills and spells that she uses during battles to protect her master.

Shia Haulia is another main character in the series. She has a unique magical ability that allows her to see the future, especially when her own life is in danger. She has a very slim figure, light blue hair and dark blue eyes. She is considered very attractive and has many traits unique to her clan. She is also a rabbit breeder and has rabbit ears on her head. She is a bit self-centered and often starts crying when her wishes are not granted. Hajime and Yue are often annoyed by her whining and even call her a useless rabbit. After gaining some experience in using her skills, she becomes more confident and even shows more emotional maturity. During fights, she becomes extremely sadistic and likes to beat her opponents. In her free time, she likes to drive and practice martial arts. 

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou English Dub

The English dub of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou”is available on Funimation.

Arifureta season 2 promo reveals new characters

The promotion of Arifureta season 2 has revealed many things to fans of the anime. The promotion of the second season of the anime has revealed new details. It has also announced the new cast members. Noriko Shibasaki will voice Liliana SB Heylig, the princess of the Heylig Kingdom. Rina Satou will voice a mysterious silver-haired, blue-eyed woman named Noint.

Among the returning actors, we find Toshinari Fukamachi in the role of Hajime Nagumo. Yuki Kawahara will continue to play the role of Yue. Minami Takahashi will continue to play the role of Shi. Yoko Hikashi will take on the role of Chio Clarus in Arifureta season 2.

Saori Onishi as Kaori Shirasaki and Yumiri Hanamori as Shizuku Yaegashi. The new season will have a new director as well as a different studio. Director Akira Iwanaga will helm the anime for Asread and Studio Mother. Shoichi Sato will return as scriptwriter, and Chika Kojima will be the character designer and lead animation designer.

Arifureta is an isekai anime written by Ryo Shirakome. Hajime Nagumo and his classmates are the heroes of a mysterious new world. They all possess powerful abilities, except for Hajime. During an expedition, Hajime falls into the depths of a dungeon after an accident. To survive, he must overcome horrors and confront his inner darkness. The promo for Arifureta Season 2 also reveals that the premiere date for the new season will be in January 2022. If you are interested, you can also read reviews of the anime here.

Here’s everything you need to know about Arifureta season 2. So, stay tuned for more updates.

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