5 Tips for Relieve Constipation Effectively

Relieve Constipation Effectively

Constipation is a condition in which a person’s bowel motions are less frequent than they should be. When it lasts more than six months, it is considered chronic. Chronic constipation is caused by two major mechanisms: a slowing of transit through the colon on the one hand, and a slowing of transit through the colon on the other (lazy colon or transit constipation).

Functional constipation is the term for this condition. Constipation, on the other hand, might be caused by a problem in removing waste (dyschezia). Anatomical problems such as organ descent (rectal prolapse) or a rectocele may be connected to dyschezia. Functional abnormalities of the rectum and anus, such as the absence of anal sphincter relaxation during pushing, may also be implicated. As a result, the stools are difficult to pass, necessitating extensive pushing efforts or, in some cases, stool extraction manoeuvres.

Chronic constipation is best treated with a healthy lifestyle that includes a high-fiber diet and increased physical activity. Here are a few pointers to consider.

Tips That can Help Fight Constipation Effectively

1. Increase your daily movement

This illness can be exacerbated by a sedentary lifestyle. The intestines must be adequately oxygenated and supported by a toned abdominal strap in order to contract correctly. Not to mention that exercising helps you manage stress, which is a well-known exacerbating factor. It is consequently critical to engage in physical activity on a daily basis.

A daily stroll of at least thirty minutes, ideally after meals, is required, and elevators must be avoided at all costs. This should ideally be accompanied with some weekly physical activity. The most important thing is to be active and have fun in order to stay motivated.

2. Add more fibre to your diet

Food is digested by the stomach and subsequently the small intestine, which absorbs nutrients that are necessary for the body’s optimal functioning. The food bolus, which enters the colon, is still present (or large intestine). It is made up of residues that are gradually driven to the rectum by the colon’s regular contractions.

However, in order for these contractions to be effective, the food bolus must properly fill the colon, i.e., be large enough. As a result, fibre is useful: the more fibre consumed, the more residues are produced. Without forgetting that they keep water at the level of the meal bolus, ensuring that it has enough volume to stimulate colon contractions.

Consuming 20 to 35 grammes of fibre each day is excellent. Leafy vegetables, wholegrain grain breads, bran rotis, and fruits are important for this.

But, most crucially, these contributions must be made gradually, or otherwise predisposed people would experience bloating. At the same time, you must drink enough water for these fibres to keep their promises.

3. Invigorate strategic areas

Many reflex sites associated to the intestines can be stimulated from a distance since they are located along the acupuncture meridians. Pressures and rotations on the body are performed with the end of the index or thumb and must last at least 5 to 10 seconds each. Rub and tap the face using your fingertips, a bent thumb joint, or the rounded tip of a pen. Most of the time, two to five minutes per day will suffice. These massages should not be conducted on varicose veins, inflamed skin, or anyone suffering from heart illness, fever, or an infectious disease.

4. Start your day with a quick yoga session

Yoga tones the gut, and the following Yoga asanas can perform miracles in as little as 15 minutes each morning.






5. Seek the advice of an osteopath

The spine’s and digestive system’s health are inextricably intertwined. To cure chronic constipation, it may be worthwhile to consult an osteopath.


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