Valuable Security Tips for New Homeowners

Home Security

Do you need security tips for your new home? Hence, you can follow some tips from this article. The need for home security grows stronger every year. As the laws get tougher, criminals become more desperate. And breaking into a home is one of the easiest ways to ditch the criminal record and steal your identification.

As a bonus, they can also walk off with any valuables that you may have. Professional thieves case homes for a long time before they actually make their moves. They eliminate the homes with security systems off their lists because that is just asking to be arrested.

Of course, there are other aspects of home security. Sometimes, it is relatives who rob homes or friends of relatives. Once people have any reason to be in your home lawfully, they can always use this excuse to push open a door under the mistaken belief that they heard someone say, “Come in.”

And if the door was accidentally left open or locked, you may never remember. Thieves know all the tricks and have plenty of excuses even when they get caught red-handed. Let’s take a look at some of the top security tips for new homeowners below.

Fences or Walls

Home security begins with external barriers. Once thieves are able to get close enough to your front porch, doors, or windows, it is just a few seconds to check if the home is unlocked. They can stake out your property and figure out when you’re away.

Erecting fences is one of the solutions to home security. Although fences may help your property to look more inviting from the curb, a wall can help to build the kind of privacy that people like in congested communities.

It may not matter whether you have a traditional white picket fence or something more elaborate. A fence creates clear boundaries. Anyone who is on the wrong side of that fence is already guilty of trespassing.

Security for HomeownersSome homeowners like to erect walls with electric fencing on top or metal spikes or glass on the upper ledges to act as an additional deterrent against wall jumpers. A wall that is high enough will make any uninvited guests very nervous.

A large fence that is also five or six feet tall can act with the same deterrent effect. The concept is that the would-be thieves have to employ ladders and other equipment to even consider climbing over a secure fence. Trying to break it down would also result in noise that may arouse interest and suspicions.

Guard Dogs

Although we have all seen in the movies how guard dogs are easily placated with a T-Bone steak, the noise of a dog barking is enough to make thieves scared. It doesn’t really matter how temperamental your dog may be. Even the smallest dogs can draw attention to unwelcomed guests by barking their heads off.

An experienced thief will avoid homes with guard dogs. It is always smarter to go after the lowest hanging fruit unless they have some reason to believe that your home has something very valuable. Most thieves don’t profile their victims that thoroughly to know the intimate details of what is inside a home of interest.

Home Safes

No matter how secure you may feel at home, you should always invest in a large home safely. A safe that is hidden under a false wall or fireplace is an even smarter investment. Thieves won’t even know that you have valuables if the safe is safely hidden.

A home safe is also valuable for the simple fact that you can misplace valuable documents and items. If you always ensure that your gold, silver, stocks, bonds, titles, deeds, and even sensitive computer information are all locked up in a safe, you can relax even if your home catches on fire.

Most safes are fireproof and bulletproof. It is hard for anyone to crack a safe unless they have the right training. A locksmith who has intimate knowledge of how safes work and how to crack them would not go after the average homeowner even if they went rogue.

You can now browse a list of 10 small safes for home or office reviewed by the Property Guard Master. These safes provide homeowners with numerous options and fit any budget. Investing in a safe pays for itself with peace of mind.

Home Security Systems

Although some of the smarter thieves know how to defeat home security systems, most don’t want police combing the scene for fingerprints and DNA. Anyone who is into casing homes probably has both on file already in a national crime database. Although latex gloves help, thieves tend to avoid homes that have security system signs posted even if there is no home security.

It is only when they feel a certainty that valuables are in the home that they may attempt a fast smash-and-grab theft in a remote area. Always ensure that basement windows and other windows have pressure sensors that will trip the alarm in such an emergency. Thieves even like to target a number of homes at once to set off false alarms that confuse police who arrive on the scene.

Deadbolt Locks

Very few thieves like to deal with broken glass and windows. If they can bust a door down, that is the best choice. Adding a deadbolt to any door is a huge deterrent to thieves.

When thieves see that a door is deadbolted, they won’t even bother trying to break it down. They prefer open doors and doors that are hung backward and easily opened with a credit card. Other times, thieves will find hidden lockboxes.

Although hidden lock boxes at vacation properties are a great way to keep the keys on-site for guests, they are also easy bait for thieves to break open.

Although few thieves resort to lock picking because their goal is a quick job, make sure that your new home is protected from those who do dare. Test your locks against different lock picking tools, especially those that can force open deadbolts. You want to ensure that you’re using reliable locks that are not easy to break in no matter what lock picking tool is used.


Thieves are always looking for the easy street and will avoid homes that are even a little bit more secure than others. As a homeowner, you should put up every defense and be careful not to talk to others about personal property or wealth. It is usually loose acquaintances who know about your valuables and covet them behind targeted thefts.

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