Canada Election: Justin Trudeau Wins Historic Third Term

Justin Trudeau
Photo Credit: The Canadian Press via AP

In Monday’s legislative elections, Canadians granted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party a victory in Canada election 2021, but his gamble to win a majority of seats failed, and the outcome was essentially identical to two years earlier.

The Liberals received the most votes of any political party. When he first won a victory in 2015, the 49-year-old Trudeau absorbed the star power of his father, the late Liberal icon and Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and has since led his party to the top place in two elections.

Trudeau’s Liberals were leading or elected in 156 seats, one fewer than in 2019 and 14 fewer than the 170 required for a House of Commons majority, reports AP.

In 121 seats, the Conservatives were leading or elected, the same amount as in 2019. The socialist New Democrats were leading or elected in 27 seats, up to three from the previous election, while the Quebec-based Bloc Québécois held 32 seats and the Greens lost two in Canada election 2021.

Trudeau added, ” You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get Canada through this pandemic.”

“I hear you when you say you just want to get back to the things you love and not worry about this pandemic or an election.”

Trudeau went into the election as the leader of a stable minority administration that was not in danger of being overthrown.

The opposition of Canada election 2021 was adamant that Trudeau called a needless early poll – two years ahead of schedule — for his own personal gain.

“Trudeau lost his gamble to get a majority so I would say this is a bittersweet victory for him,” said Daniel Béland, a political science professor at McGill University in Montreal.

“Basically, we are back to square one, as the new minority parliament will look like the previous one. Trudeau and the Liberals saved their skin and will stay in power, but many Canadians who didn’t want this late summer, pandemic election are probably not amused about the whole situation,” he stated, AP reports.

During a pandemic, Trudeau bet that Canadians wouldn’t want a Conservative administration. Canada is now one of the world’s most vaccinated countries, and Trudeau’s administration spent hundreds of billions of dollars to keep the economy afloat during the lockdown. Trudeau claimed that the Conservatives’ approach, which has been dubious of lockdowns and vaccine requirements, is risky, and that Canadians require a government that is science-based.

Erin O’Toole, the Conservative Party’s leader, did not require his candidates to get vaccinated and would not specify how many were unvaccinated. Vaccination, according to O’Toole, is a personal health decision, but an increasing number of vaccinated Canadians are becoming increasingly irritated by people who refuse to get vaccinated.

Trudeau favors requiring vaccination for Canadians traveling by air or rail, which the Conservatives reject. Trudeau has stated that Alberta, which is governed by a Conservative provincial government, is in a state of emergency.

Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta, a close ally of O’Toole, predicted that the province will run out of beds and staff for acute care units within days. Kenney has apologized for the crisis and is now reluctantly proposing a vaccine passport and enforcing a required work-from-home directive two months after nearly all restrictions were lifted.

A Conservative victory would have been a rebuke to Trudeau, who would have been defeated by a politician with a quarter of his name recognition. O’Toole, 47, is a war veteran, a former lawyer, and a nine-year member of Parliament.

Trudeau’s legacy includes welcoming immigrants at a time when the United States and other countries were shutting down their borders. He also made marijuana legal across the country and enacted a carbon price to combat climate change. In addition, he defended a free trade agreement between the United States and Mexico despite threats from former US President Donald Trump to terminate it.

Former US President Barack Obama and former Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton also expressed their support for Trudeau on Twitter. There was no Trump support for O’Toole. Walied Soliman, a co-chair of the Conservative campaign, said O’Toole and Trumpism have nothing in common. Holding Trudeau to a minority government, Soliman remarked earlier in the day, would be a success for O’Toole.

During the 20th century, the Liberals ruled Canada for 69 years. Pierre Trudeau advocated for a “fair society” and led Canada with a swagger that had never been seen before by a Canadian leader. He is credited for creating Canada’s version of the Bill of Rights and for allowing immigration to flourish.

In Toronto, Canada’s largest metropolis and one of the world’s most multicultural cities, Trudeau’s Liberals dominated.

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