How to Download Instagram History?

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So you’ve deactivated your Facebook account and are quite pleased with yourself. But there’s still that nagging feeling, that itch in the back of your mind, telling you that you haven’t quite escaped Mark Zuckerberg’s data-slurping mouth.

Instagram is the name of the app. You know deep down that you must erase Instagram as well to be completely (kind of) free. Thankfully, the corporation was recently pushed (thanks, GDPR) to offer a new option that allows you to download a large amount of your data, ensuring that you don’t have to walk out the social-media door empty-handed.

The feature was just released this week, and it’s rather simple to set up. However, this does not imply that it is transparent. You must first request a download link before you can download your data. You can request a link to be emailed to you by going to the Instagram data-download page on your web browser, logging into your account, and requesting it.


The page reads, “Get a Copy of What You’ve shared on Instagram.” “We’ll send you an email with a link to a file including your images, comments, profile information, and other information. We can only work on one request from your account at a time, and collecting and sending this data to you could take up to 48 hours.”

Now, there’s one crucial component of that sentence that needs to be parsed. Instagram claims that it will only send you a copy of what you’ve posted. In other words, only the information you’ve knowingly provided with the site, not the entire trove of information the corporation has on you.

There’s also the issue of what “and more” actually implies. This reporter downloaded the data from an Instagram account and discovered a list of all the things you’ve liked, as well as long-deleted photographs, strange account settings, and a list of who you’re following and your followers.

It doesn’t include information like all of the devices you’ve used to access your account, the times you’ve used it, or any other metadata Instagram is likely gathering.

When you download your account information from Facebook, it doesn’t provide you all of the information it has on you. It gives you a lot, but there’s a lot that’s not included in Facebook’s “download your data” feature, according to Wired.

However, none of this should prevent you from deactivating your account.

When the link to download your data appears, click it and then delete your account. We guarantee you’ll feel better once you’ve gotten rid of both Big Brother and his scary little sibling.

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