How to Verify Your Xiaomi Smartphone is Original or Fake?

Xiaomi Smartphone

Have you ever wondered if there is a trick to verify your Xiaomi smartphone is original or fake? You have to know that luckily. Because in this article we will specifically address this issue. In effect, below we will analyze all the details directly related to these tutorials so that you can access this information easily.

Know if your Xiaomi smartphone is original or fake

The first thing you should consider in this type of situation, is that the question about whether the Xiaomi are original or not? It is one of the most constant we do in this type of cases, because it is Chinese mobile brand. In any case, we want to show you all the details that we believe you should take into account in these situations, so that not to have any doubt about it.

Step-1: With the “Mi Verification” Application

Using the Mi Verification application, specially developed for Xiaomi mobile devices. You will have this very important information. So, we believe you should start there. The first thing you need to know is that you just have to download the application from Google Play Store. Then scan the QR code, to see if it really is an original mobile phone or not.

The procedure in these cases takes few minutes. When finished, the page will show you a screen with the mobile data. If all the features match your device, you can be sure that it is original. Now, if there is no match between what you are seeing on the mobile and what it supposedly should have, then you can be sure that it is fake.

Xiaomi Mi 5

Step-2: Checking the phone case

Well, there is a second alternative that you also have to consider if you want to know if your Xiaomi phone is original or not. In fact, you must have the device box in your hand, since otherwise it is impossible to do so. The important thing is that if you are going to buy a Xiaomi android smartphone, always ask for the original box, and do not accept to be given the terminal without it, since it could be a hoax.

What you have to do once with the box in your hand? It looks for the Xiaomi logo on the device box. If you take the trouble to tear a little on the silver colored surface next to the logo, you will see that under it appears a kind of 20-digit code. If you enter it on the official Xiaomi website, in this link, you can check if your smartphone is an original one or not.

If you still have other questions about it, be sure to ask us in the comments. Have you been able to know if your Xiaomi is original or not with these tricks?