Effective Remedies to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Home

Remedies to keep mosquitoes away
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These homemade solutions can keep mosquitoes and flies away and they do not enter your house. Simple and really effective tricks to prevent these insects from invading our home. These are simple and really effective mosquito repellent tricks to prevent these insects from invading our home.

The flies are part of their life cycle which is spent hovering around people. They are very annoying, both when they rest on the skin and when they try to do it on our food. 

In addition, we cannot avoid them. Because they are found in all places on Earth except those with extreme cold or extreme altitude. The arrival of heat is a factor that increases their proliferation. And they feel most comfortable in the summer season. Flies can also become disease transmitters.

In the street we can do little, but we can apply some remedies inside our home or our establishment. The presence of flies also gives a very bad image, we can apply home remedies to scare them away, such as the following.

Hanging water bags

Who has not seen bags of water half filled and hung from the ceiling by a rope in stores? It is a remedy to scare away flies. The reason is that the water in the bag produces reflections with the colors of the rainbow that keep away these insects. This is the same reason why we also see CDs hanging on some balconies, windows or clotheslines.

Aromatic plants

If we want to have a pleasant smell at home and fight against the presence of flies, we can arrange in the areas where we believe that plants can enter that give off aromatic odors. This type of environment will keep them away. Lavender, peppermint, rosemary, or eucalyptus can play an important role.

Vinegar trap

How to make the fly trap. It is a little-used trick because the smell is not pleasant for the person. But, with this liquid, you have in your hand another way to ward off flies, in this case, in the form of a trap, since they do like the smell. The trick is to split a bottle of water at the top and pour an inch of vinegar over it. Then, you must put the neck of the bottle back, but upside down, in the shape of a funnel and open, so that they penetrate until the vinegar. Later, this liquid stuns them, so it will be very difficult for them to come out again.

Garlic or lemon with cloves

Lemon is a food that repels flies. Therefore, a good remedy is to cut one in half and place several cloves in each one. We can put those lemons in the windows so that they do not enter. Or, put those directly on the table where we are going to eat so that they do not approach. Also putting a peeled garlic in the places that can be used as an entrance, will make them scared because the smell is unpleasant.

Keeping the home clean

Obviously, the most important and simple remedy is to start by not having anything that attracts them. In this sense, it is essential not to have garbage or stagnant water, the main sources to which these insects approach. Therefore, it will be better if the garbage is covered.

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